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Mark It – Chick Fil A Grand Opening at 14th and Maryland Ave, NE – Update: May 24th

by Prince Of Petworth April 21, 2017 at 1:15 pm 17 Comments

1401 Maryland Ave, NE

The prediction was pretty close! Thanks to Scott for sending:

Opening: May 24, 2017

1401 Maryland Ave NE
Washington , DC   20002

Chick-fil-A Operator Peter Choi is excited to serve Washington, D.C. soon! As a part of our welcome to you, we would like to invite residents from the following zip codes to come and be a part of our opening celebration and participate in the First 100 Road Trip. A valid ID is required to participate. If your ID does not reflect your current zip code,  please click here to see a list of acceptable documents to verify your current residence. We look forward to meeting you! Details specific to this opening can be found here. For Official Rules specific to this location, click here. We look forward to meeting you!”

  • Rosedale

    I am so glad I don’t live on that block of G Street. That block is already difficult when it comes to accommodating two-way traffic and parking on both sides of the street; I can only imagine the kind of traffic the city’s only drive-through Chick-Fil-A is going to attract.

  • NH Ave Hiker


  • NoManon

    Looking forward to hitting CrossFit then eating Chic-fil-a breakfast sandwiches for time.

  • LA

    is it only drive thru? or a restaurant too?

    • It’s also sit down.

      • NewToNE

        But why doesn’t it have any windows?

        • Julia Vipsania

          We’ve started calling it SCIF-fil-A for that very reason!

          • JumpForJoy

            That was lost on me initially… (googled SCIF)! I LOVE IT! I shall call it nothing else from this point on. Thank you!

      • CapHill CFA Fan

        I thought it was going to be much like the old Checkers that was there – only a couple seats outside for the walk-up windows. Having worked at CFA before, the DTO in the name usually means Drive-Through Only.

        Also, seems like they changed the opening date to May 24th on their website:

        Opening: May 24, 2017
        1401 Maryland Ave NE
        Washington, DC 20002

        See: https://thechickenwire.chick-fil-a.com/News/Future-Openings

  • MadMax

    3 people already in line

  • James

    Is there going to be a kids play area? Probably not, right?

    • MadMax

      Only on week days before 6PM.

  • SF

    Just a terrible use of space and a missed opportunity for the entire neighborhood. Frustrating to see a suburban fast-food drive thru able to secure and poorly develop a parcel of prime inner neighborhood real estate.

    • MadMax

      You’re frustrated that a buyer paid the amount a seller was asking for real estate?

      • SF

        City development and zoning failures at this point, which you know is an issue but I guess you couldn’t resist another smarmy know-it-all Mensa-lite comment.

  • ejh


  • RYB

    I am over excited not to have to drive to Maryland or Virginia to go to Chickfila! I can get to this location in 5 minutes!!!!


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