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Major Construction/Demo Starts at Heller’s – The Future Paisley Fig – “Ready Sept. 1st”?

by Prince Of Petworth April 24, 2017 at 10:15 am 13 Comments

3221 Mt Pleasant Street, NW

Thanks to all who tweeted and emailed about major work starting at Heller’s – the future “Bakery, Bar and Restaurant” by Paisely Fig.

One reader reports:

“Ready Sept 1 says the workers”

Stay tuned for Trader Joe-like coverage as they get closer to opening!!


  • Earl

    Exciting! Seems to have taken an eternity though. Another 5 months to renovate the space?

  • prgkmr

    I really hope they at least keep the awesome sign.

  • Anonthony

    September 1st? LOL! I’ve seen this before.

  • Room11

    I’m excited about this project but sad how it has impacted Room 11’s hours. Ì also don’t know why Room 11 had to get rid off their espresso machine while this new place is not even open yet. Anyone has any insider info?

    • Anon

      Heller’s isn’t an extension of Room 11, it’s a whole new concept. It was the prerogative of the owner’s of R11 to close the cafe.

  • bruno

    Hallelujiah! Mt P went from Chock-Ful-o-Coffeehouses to none. I need a place to dawdle and sketch in the morning.

  • Newtonian

    At this rate, Each Peach’s cafe in the former, seemingly restaurant-ready former Flying Fish space will be open months before Paisley Fig. Still, I’m eagerly looking forward to both!

  • DF

    Can’t wait to bring bread to Mt Pleasant. This project can’t be finished soon enough! :)

  • atlas

    wooah ive not lived in MtP for a long time, but that is crazy to see hellers gutted like that

  • anony

    Hooray! Finally they start with the reno!!! SO excited for this, even if it takes a while/longer than they say. I’m excited for more variety to the dozens of pupusa places on the street!

  • Jeff Lang

    They said they had the back permits, so they finished the kitchen first. They just got the front permits last week after waiting more than a year-and-a-half.

    • mtpresident

      They waited a year and a half for the front permits? That’s crazy. I wonder what the delay was.

  • Dappa

    Room 11 had the worst espresso in the city…


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