Heads Up in Hill East! Update and NE


Flight wine bar sends us this scene just now:

“So this just happened as we were walking by – 16th ST SE @ Independence Ave”

And DC Jaime sends from NE DC:


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  • justinbc

    There’s a wine bar in Hill East, other than Pursuit? (I don’t even know if that qualifies as Hill East either…)

  • Question–if a tree falls from your property into the street during a storm, who is responsible for cleaning it up? I came home to a similar scene and want to be sure I’m taking care of it the right way.

  • from the hill east FB page:
    Tree down on 16th Street SE between Indy and A. Hilleast resident reported tree last week to 311. He expressed concern about health of tree. Told that city couldn’t remove in until December 2017.

    If you see a similar problem, please report it to 311 and keep the tracking number. Goal is to keep a record of what isn’t being fixed and the consequences to residents when the city fails to act.

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