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Heads Up if You Drive to the H Street Whole Foods

by Prince Of Petworth April 25, 2017 at 1:45 pm 9 Comments

600 H Street, NE

Update from Whole Foods:

Whole Foods provides free parking for all customers in its garage located under the store. The entrance is on 6th Street between H and I NE.”

A reader reports:

“Beware when shopping at the new Whole Foods on H. There have been a rash of car break ins [on the street], during the middle of the day. Windows aren’t broken, so they must be using a tool to break in. Be sure to remove all valuables!

I work over here and have for the past 3 years, and the break ins started when whole foods opened, so it’s likely that the folks breaking in are watching for people parking within those blocks then walking into whole foods (like I do most AMs now for my coffee). They can pretty much assume that people are going to be in a grocery store for at least 10-15 minutes… The break ins seem to be concentrated to the 4 blocks around the store.”

  • HillEast

    just so everyone knows, there’s a big convenient free parking garage right underneath the store. probably easier than finding street parking. and evidently, safer.

    • anon

      +1. Free chargers for electric cars, too!

    • H St neighbor

      +1 why are people parking on the street???

  • LNontheHill

    I live 2.5 blocks from the new WF, and we’ve gotten police flyers on our cars warning about a recent rash of break-ins. There’s also a couple of cars with windows out on my block, though that’s not super unusual–my husband and I have each had our vehicle broken into in the neighborhood (as has almost everyone who lives in those parts). Periodic surges of car break-ins are pretty normal, WF or no.

  • DE

    If only there were some organization that could, I dunno, police the area and catch the people responsible.

    • N

      Is that you, Batman?

  • K

    I live there and car windows are broken out constantly. I even got a picture of a guy breaking out a car window last summer. Called the police. They came, we found the car owner’s bag discarded in the alley, the cops didn’t want the guy’s picture. It’s not a new phenomenon and the police don’t investigate they merely write out reports for insurance purposes.

  • anon

    Well, can’t say this is surprising. I live a block away from the new WF. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence, or if there are more would-be thieves casing the area now that it’s gotten “fancy.” Within two weeks of WF opening, we had four packages in a row stolen. In the past 4.5 years we’ve lived here, it’s happened once.

  • AH

    I’ve had my car broken into at least 3 times in since august right around her and none of them have happened since Whole Foods opened. I can see the tool marks on my window and my door will be left unlocked. I don’t keep things in my car and they haven’t taken anything or broken anything as of yet. My guess is they come in check everything really quickly then get out and go.


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