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Mackey’s Moving to Laughing Man Tavern space on G Street

by Prince Of Petworth March 6, 2017 at 10:22 pm 10 Comments


This is just crazy. Back in February we broke the news that Mackey’s was moving to Metro Center. I was surprised that not that many people really cared, to be honest. But I know there are a lot of Laughing Man Tavern fans, particularly soccer fans. Oh well. BarredinDC reports:

“A person who answered the phone at Laughing Man confirmed that Mackey’s indeed was moving there.”

1823 L Street, NW

Updates when the timing is known:

1306 G Street, NW

  • neighbor

    Tragedy of epoch proportions. This is the worst thing to happen since the elections.

  • Diogisdaddy

    Same owners and basically the same kitchen and bar staff. Laughing man always had a terrible name-where tourists in the area thought it was a comedy club. I know they are re-branding and bringing over many of the furnishings from Mackeys but I doubt much else will change. I am sure they will still welcome soccer and Buffalo Bills fans.

    • Mark

      Oy. I’m a Bills fan and even I believe they’re better left watching games in their living rooms than assembled in one public place.

    • Wednesday Addams-Morgan

      Confirming – Laughing Man will pretty much remain the same. I think all that will change is the name, to Mackey’s.

      I was just there last night and had an AWFUL experience, by the way. A vegetarian friend was served meat and the server’s response was “sorry, I thought I put it in right”. The tab system is a mess and they charged my card twice by accident.

  • Did this used to be “Samantha’s?” Like in the 80s? I was a waiter there and working that patio was hell!

  • Scout

    Noooooooooooooo. :'(

  • Sheba468

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Now where am I supposed to get a decent buffalo chicken sandwich??!! Laughing Man’s has the best in the city – hands down! SO much sadness!!!

  • Detroit_Jayhawk

    Good riddance. Seriously, the Laughing Man had one of the worst service experiences I’ve ever had going to bars. Went two times and never got an acknowledgement or someone to help me take a beer order. I had bartender once looked at me and literally served a person who was behind me. And before you say anything, I was not being rude and I get bars get busy (especially during Kansas games), but seriously, to be completely ignored really pissed me off. Also, the temperature was always off in that place, either it was too hot or too cold.

  • eb

    I hope Mackeys keeps the buffalo chicken dip. That stuff is delicious!

  • Dating Myself

    I miss Reeves.


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