Washington, DC


Duffy’s abruptly closing after eight years was a dagger to many. I think part of it was because it was so sudden but the other part was because “regular” non themed bars are seemingly such a rarity – so it is particularly painful to lose one of the early ones. And that too – Duffy went out on a limb and opened in a spot back in 2006 that was off the beaten path (at that time, hard to believe now). And finally the proprietor, Andy Duffy, was and is just a really nice guy. Anyway it got me thinking about bars that I would be crushed to learn of their sudden closure. Ed. Note: we’ll revisit restaurants some other time but for today let’s just focus on neighborhood bars that would be brutal to lose. I’m thinking, what in my mind I will call ‘regular’ non themed bars that are at least 5 years old. Following is my list of the best “regular” bars left in DC – this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other bars out there that I like or even love (All Souls, Boundary Stone, KBC, DC Reynolds, Meridian Pint) – these are just some of the older ones that I’d be shocked and saddened to lose:

13. Chads Friendship Heights (5247 Wisconsin Ave, NW)
12. Nanny O’Briens (3319 Connecticut Ave, NW)
11. Trusty’s (1420 Pennsylvania Ave, SE)
10. Murphy’s (2609 24th St, NW)
9. The Raven (3125 Mt Pleasant St, NW)
8. The Big Hunt (1345 Connecticut Ave, NW)
7. Wonderland (1101 Kenyon St, NW)
6. Capitol Lounge (229 Pennsylvania Ave, SE)
5. Looking Glass Lounge (3634 Georgia Ave, NW)
4. The Pug (1234 H St, NE)
3. Angles (2339 18th St, NW)
2. Red Derby (14th and Quincy St, NW)
1. Solly’s (llth and U St, NW)

Which ‘regular’ bar would you be most devastated to lose?


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