• Barijho

    Nothing is sacred.

  • Anon

    Cool, now I can get my credit card info stolen in a new location!

  • Egad

    Yet another end of an era.

  • ryan2499

    LOL – I just walked by there at 2:15 this afternoon and said “holy crap, I should take a pic of this and tweet to @PoPville.” Then I went into full bystander syndrome and said “meh, someone else’ll do it.”

  • mornin

    Is it still open in the current location and for how much longer?

    • Anon

      Through the end of this month, I believe.

  • P

    Too bad, that great divey space is most of what I liked about the spot. I wonder if the Dutch fans will still use it as their World Cup party spot, I hope so, I think they’re great.

  • ShawThroughtheHeart

    RIP Mackey’s…and Mighty Pint, and Pourhouse, and (sighs), nevermind, I’m getting old. #LifeisToil

    • Top of the Town

      You’re not old unless you remember Pourhouse as Poli-Tiki…

      • Oldiebutgoodie

        Crap. Guess I’m officially old.

        • ryan2499

          Me too.

  • 1990s DC Memories

    Does anyone else still remember before Mackey’s opened, when the place was called Samantha’s? I remember liking the food better.

    • Hkw

      Totally Samantha’s and also Mr. Days.

      • ryan2499

        There’s not enough back alley dive bars like Mister Days anymore. This inspired me to Google it as I knew it closed shortly after I graduated from Catholic but couldn’t remember exactly when. I found this gem from 2001 when it closed: https://www.gwhatchet.com/2001/01/25/mister-days-closes-its-doors/

        I forgot a couple of the best parts like having an owner named Robert E. Lee. Also the GW Hatchet quoting multiple sophomores on being sad it closed. Um, last I checked most sophomores are 19 & 20, LOL.

        • must.be.an.old.timer

          Every year there used to be a great event called Rally in the Alley where Samantha’s and Mr. Days held an outdoor beerfest in the alley that adjoined the two bars’ back entrances. That party was nuts and lots of fun. This was in the early 1990s.

          Also remember dancing the night away in Samantha’s to New Order and kissing a bunch of random girls.

          Those were the days…

  • Ghengiz Ken

    I sort of lost respect for the place after a good friend took her son, whose actual name is James Mackey, there on his 21st birthday and they refused to buy him a beer. Sad.


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