• zipdc

    Nice – where is that?

    • Alley behind the 3000 block of 11th NW

  • Vered

    I like how the eye is placed under the arched bricks, which seem to become an extra brow. I also like the dripping paint effects, some of drips are clearly painted and some may actually have been dripped. Is there a process of dissolution moving left to right? Each element of the composition is intriguing and a little disturbing–but I can’t seem to make it work as a whole. Maybe that is the artist’s intention, as alienation is a separating, not a cohering process, but I want more cohesion in it. This artist knows what he or she is doing but I wouldn’t quite call it genius. Not yet.

    BTW did you see the exhibit on the walls of Culture Coffee? Those are artworks produced by one family, at all different ages. That holds together really well across several works. Not there too much longer, though. On Sunday there’s an opening of an exhibit of Cathy Abramson’s paintings made on various parts of Kennedy Street, very very beautiful, every one of them.


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