• Contessa of Cleveland Park

    A neighborhood treasure, usually terrific, occasionally exasperating, always beloved. Congrats on the first 40 years.

    • cleanon


    • MtP


  • Michael Pierce

    I love this place so much. I will be very upset if they ever get driven out of the neighborhood.

  • ST21

    Haven’t had a large pepperoni in months… I may have no choice this weekend

  • anon

    best pizza! so happy they have a location in Bethesda.

  • Garth Algar

    what a gem. one of the best pizzas in dc

  • T

    Hear hear! Love just going in there even if I’m not buying anything — it always smells so delicious.

  • Anonnomnom

    I love this place so much <3

  • Rich

    This is what DC needs more of—instead we get never ending trendy, overpriced junk. The slices are great and they carry various difficult to find items.

    • Michael Pierce

      +1 Million.

  • Dave

    I love the frozen lasagna! yum!

  • Kim

    Love love love the pizza

  • Barbara

    The food is outstanding. And so is the staff. A kind gesture many many years ago was never forgotten. And I am always treated like royalty. And when I was in dire need they reached out to me. Only one gripe: some years ago when Italy and England vied for soccer fame I was told by a handsome young man behind the counter we’d all get free pizza if Italy won. They won and Romeo vanished.

  • Rick

    Great food, but absolutely terrible service. It’s too bad…

  • Stavros

    One of my absolute most favorite things in the entire city. Here’s to 40 more, Vace!


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