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  • CatieCat

    My italian deli in California (bay cities, the BEST!) has the best selection of Argentinean/Uruguayan mates and other products! Odd, indeed! Except maybe if you consider the Italian influence in both of those countries. Anyways, good to know, though I will say I hate the flavor of Mate, though I’m convinced its a killer weight loss tool. Only explanation for the amount of red meat and bread products in the Argentinean diet and their general lack of obesity!

  • P. Lecheval

    The family who runs Vace hails from South America, where the stuff is very popular.

  • Linc Park SE

    Chinatown – 7th just north of Walgreens – one of the last remaining Chinese shops has the biggest selection of tea I have ever seen – incl Yerba Mate ( prob less) and Green Tea Matcha. Their sleepy tea knocks me out.

  • hupster

    A number of latino grocery stores in DC carry loose leaf yerba mate from typical Argentine brands, including some of the ones pictured above. I know Best World in Mt. Pleasant has it.

  • Suomynona

    Do any stores carry Materba, the Cuban yerba mate soda?

    • Uriel

      Suomynona, I have seen Materva for sale one time several years ago at the Skyline Target in Alexandria. I haven’t seen it since except at Cuban restaurants. I grew up drinking this stuff in Miami and I wish I had a way to get it!

  • SMGC

    I mean, a large part of the Argentinian population has Italian heritage so their cultures are very similar as a result. I think Vace’s owners are Argentinian based on the rare snacks Vace has that I can only find in AR!


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