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Friday Question of the Day – Favorite Downtown Happy Hour?

by Prince Of Petworth March 30, 2017 at 10:22 pm 56 Comments

black rooster pup popville
1919 L Street, NW

With Mackey’s moving and yesterday’s post about the Black Rooster Pub it got me wondering about the best happy hour spots downtown these days? If you work downtown and want to grab a drink with colleagues after work, where do you go? Do you usually stay downtown or do you all go to another neighborhood? It had been years since I stopped by Black Rooster – but they were as solid as I remembered (with Golden Tee too!) Is Bottom Line still popular? The Exchange?

  • FridayGirl

    Nooshi! By far.

    • Sara

      I second Nooshi!

    • skj84

      I need to check out Nooshi! I just heard about it.

  • Stan’s Restaurant or Harry’s Bar at the Harrington for that seedy charm and free popcorn.

    • Crazyquilt

      +1,000 regarding Stan’s. Their very generous pours will mess you up if you don’t pace yourself.

      I also like the HH at the Post Pub nearby.

  • Hookdntx

    Clyde’s if you are like me and get off at 4, they have their half priced raw bar from 4-6

  • ajr

    I love MXDC if I can get there on the earlier side!

  • kwame

    Proof. Great wines by the glass and small bites menu.

  • 1301

    Kingfisher. Bad movies, free popcorn, and cheap wine.

    • FridayGirl

      +1 to Kingfisher (albeit not my group’s HH spot). They are awesome.

    • MadMax

      I wouldn’t really consider that “downtown”.
      (and personally I really dislike the bar)

  • PetworthGuy

    Hamilton if you like sushi – otherwise 14th st isn’t too far and I prefer Black Jack, Church Key or Drafting Table

  • Kingman Park

    Bottom Line has the cheapest happy hour if you like Miller Lite :P

    • jim_ed

      You don’t even have to like Miller Lite. So long as you can tolerate it, then this is the correct answer.

      • MadMax

        Why not just order a glass of water for free and have a bum piss in it?

        • LittleBluePenguin

          reading that sentence literally made me gag a little….blech!

          • samanda_bynes

            will bum piss get me drunk? then ok.

        • jim_ed

          Oh Jesus, its 2017 and we’re still doing effete beer snobbery over macro brews at happy hour?

          • wdc


          • MadMax

            Unless Miller Lite gets better with age I’m not sure why the year matters.

          • Anon

            Uh, yes? No thanks on the cheap piss; yes thanks on cheap tasty beers.

          • jim_ed

            Because people have been pushing their glasses up on their nose and saying “well actually” about cheap domestos for the better part of 20 years now. Its past cliche at this point. But anytime someone mentions an Miller/Bud product, its mandatory for someone to come in and crinkle their nose and say something like “ugh, I’d rather drink runoff from an open sewer in Manilla” as if this was a new or interesting position in 2017. It’s not.

          • MadMax

            My apologies then, I didn’t realize only new ideas were welcome in the comments section of an opinion poll.

          • Anon

            … and what “interesting position” do you have to contribute here, exactly?

          • jim_ed

            …that anyone who still feels the need to reflexively point out that macros are not award winning beers in 2017 is a haughty dipshit?

          • MadMax

            Jim, you are the one who brought up the tolerability of Miller Lite. If you preface your statement with the equivalent of “what I like sucks”, then don’t be surprised or upset when people agree with you that it sucks.

          • Boom

            I was with you up until you referred to domestic beer as “domestos”

          • Anon

            “Hey jim-bro, want to go slam some domestos?”

  • skj84

    Hamilton for the Sushi deals, Ebbitt for raw bar, Root Cellar at Pinea for ambience. Central does a good happy hour. Are we counting City Center as downtown? If so DBGB has decent drink specials and oyster specials, as does Momofuku(only to 6:30). Brasserie Beck has great specials on beer.

    • MsSunshine

      DBGB has tasty happy hour food, too, and benches at the bar!

  • stacksp


  • Tom

    I haven’t been in quite some time so not sure what it’s looking like today, but I was on a Mandu kick (K Street) for a time.

  • POMt.P

    If it’s a nice day- Barcode. Sometimes will have a younger crowd but regardless, it’s half off draft beers. Surprisingly they have a really solid draft list, especially relative to other downtown HH options.

  • Ross

    Stan’s or Mackey’s. And Stan’s has some of the best wings in town.

  • MadMax

    Most of downtown really sucks for happy hour in the “deal” sense, although many certainly aren’t hurting in the crowd sense. My personal interpretation of downtown would pretty much encompass the Farragut, Metro Center, and Gallery/Chinatown areas. Within that range probably the best deals I’ve found were at Maddy’s Taproom, where the beers and tacos are all discounted a good bit and it’s not overrun with people. I wouldn’t ever go there outside of HH because it’s not THAT great of a place, but it meets the idea of happy hour to me the closest. Del Frisco’s Grille used to have a pretty solid HH as well, although I haven’t been in a while to confirm.

    • Tom

      I liked Mandu for that reason, I was able to find seats at the bar and have a beer in relative peace.

      • Anon

        Mandu HH is great! Cheap dumplings and $4 beers.

  • AnonV2

    Iron Horse’s happy hour is a great deal in that they always have a very-good-to-great rotation of beers on tap. Not the cheapest, but pretty up there on the quality-to-cost ratio scale.

    • anonymous2u

      Plus 5-8 pm like a true HH should be!

  • jumpingjack

    I like Oyamel for $5 margaritas and 2 for $4 tacos. Downside is that HH pricing ends at 6 pm.

    • cachito

      I love this HH but it gets SLAMMED if you can’t get there before 5pm. I’ve lost many a taco and margarita due too many bumping elbows – such a tragedy.

  • Bryan

    If I am going for cheap over everything….nothing beats The Hamilton. 2 dollar miller lites all night. That is perfect for the “I’m poor and looking to start the weekend off right.”.

  • ODonnell

    Hank’s Cocktail Bar or DC Reynolds (buy one, get one!!)

  • jkdc

    Boss Shepherds. good drafts for cheap ($5), food deals, good whiskey for a decent prce (i think $8?). HH starts at like 230 or something.

    • anonanona

      Agreed! Really solid place and I think they have at least 6-8 beers on tap. Half price apps.

  • Jessica

    Boqueria starts at 3 which makes it a winner in my book. Good food and drink options too.

    • MadMax

      Oh how I wish I could get to a HH at 3PM…reminds me of San Diego.

  • Anon

    1831 – cheap cheap cheap and never too crowded

  • omc7274

    Froggy Bottom Pub (not the old one in the basement, the current one on K St). No food specials, but the food is pretty cheap anyway. $5 beers, rail, and wine, and the crowds aren’t crazy.

    The Exchange, Stans, Blackfinn, Bottom Line, and Stoneys on L are all solid HH spots.

  • Roger Dorn

    How has no one said Chef Geoff’s? Supermugs and burgers, please and thank you

  • Paul Saavedra

    Stonefish Grill on L and 17th Street NW is good

  • mgh

    If you are looking for the best DEAL- definitely 1831 on M Street. Amazing prices.

  • llsnrnnls

    Woodward Table

  • northeazy

    McCormick and Schmick’s. I know, I know. Lame steakhouse chain. An out of town friend suggested and I begrudgingly went. Um–so good! Cocktails are $4! And they have a killer HH food menu with full size burgers, tacos, and poke for $5.


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