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“Casa Ruby LGBT Community Center was just vandalized and a staff assaulted by a transgender Hater”

by Prince Of Petworth March 13, 2017 at 12:30 pm 29 Comments

casa ruby door
2822 Georgia Ave NW via Casa Ruby

Thanks to all who emailed this outrage from Casa Ruby:

“Alert! Alert!

Our Casa Ruby LGBT Community Center was just vandalized and a staff assaulted by a transgender Hater 2 days after our mayor Muriel Bowser reported a 100% increase in hate crimes against transgender people, the violence is real 7 transgender women murdered this is how it begins and we refuse to be the next ones.”

  • Sue

    Damn! What is wrong with people, anyway?

  • ParkViewneighbor

    As already said in a previous post about the rise of hate crime in DC, I wonder who the perps are, this would give us more clarity on this phenomenon: whether it is a temporary uptick due to recent political events or if it is more of a long-term trend

    • 16th Street Sucka

      Given the parlance (per the DCist); ” “I’ll kill your motherf*cking *ss. Ya’ll tranny motherf*ckers think somebody won’t f*ck ya’ll up,” I’m going to take a wild guess that whoever they are, they don’t fit The Narrative

      • Anon

        Damn, didn’t know The Veep had such a potty mouth.

      • ParkViewneighbor

        yeah….. but that is even more troubling in this case. The Narrative as you say is that Trump supporters are emboldened now and commit these crimes but the reported truth is not really matching that. So what is DC going to do about it? Let it sit as is because it means going after others than typical trumpists?

        • MadMax

          Trump got what like 4% of the vote in DC? I can’t imagine people are driving in from rural Virginia just to single out our trans community here for attacks. I would guess it follows a similar demographic pattern to almost all violent crime committed here in the District.

      • JumboSliceMumboSauce

        Was it a JMU sophomore wearing Vineyard Vines and a MAGA hat?

        • KPS

          @JumboSliceMumboSauce – What a disgusting thing to say.

          • mcd

            I think what JumboSlice was trying to imply is that everyone jumps for a reason to blame Trump (and supporters) for violent crime against the LBGT community. Though as MadMax pointed out, “I would guess it follows a similar demographic pattern to almost all violent crime committed here in the District.”

      • Bobby McBob

        That could easily be a black guy or a (redneck) white guy. Of course, with your capitalization of “The Narrative,” we can tell which one you think it is. Wait, let me be more direct: with that capitalization, we can tell which one you would LIKE it to be. Please take that garbage elsewhere.

        • MadMax

          Could be and likely to be are very different things. It could be a Martian, but statistically in DC it’s almost guaranteed to be a 16-25 year old black male like 90-something-percent of all other violent crime committed in the District.

          • Anondc

            No need to speculate, there is a video showing that your intuition is correct. http://www.fox5dc.com/news/241145941-story

          • Bobby McBob

            Ah, so you’re also one of those people who’s sick and tired of the media (lamestream media, am I right lol?) pushing The Narrative that hate crimes are on an uptick due to the recently elected administration and making hate crime-committing people feel empowered (when they’ve always existed, but usually kept to themselves). And look, you were right, a black guy committed THIS hate crime, and very few black people voted for Trump, so this PROVES it: The Narrative is wrong! Stay #woke. Thank you for being a brave warrior for truth.

          • MadMax

            I have no idea what The Narrative is, nor do I care if it’s some sort of conspiracy theory nonsense. I do know that I get the daily crime reports for my area of DC and the suspect description reads the exact same virtually every single story. It’s just simple statistics.

  • Ally

    Hope the staff member is doing okay, all things considered. Amazing how people who do horrible things like this to other people can even sleep at night.

  • cachito

    For those who would like to donate: http://www.casaruby.org/

    • Jb

      Hopefully some good can come from this terrible incident in the form of increased donations. Thanks for the link — donating now and I encourage others to do the same.

  • KPS

    Read the individual cases of the murdered victims. The killers are the same type committing other violent crimes in DC. These headlines seem designed to suggest that the current political climate is to fault of this “rise in hate crimes”, but it isn’t. It’s the same DC street thugs as with many other violent crimes. DC has a crime problem – period. Make no mistake about it: people who voted for Donald Trump are not roaming the streets of DC killing transgendered persons.

    • ParkViewneighbor

      But it is so comfy for DC’s rulers ! By pushing the Trump explanation, there is no need to actually DO something and educate other demographics about how respecting other people is the law

    • Soo

      Well-stated factual statement.

      • Anon

        Whose facts? OUR facts!

    • Bobby McBob

      The point of this Popville post was “a hate crime occurred.” Kind of sad that your immediate reaction was “YEAH BUT IT’S STREET THUGS, NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS! THIS IS AN IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER RIGHT NOW!” Maybe the important thing is that a hate crime occurred, regardless of who committed it. I can’t tell from your regular commenting tone here whether you’re a Trump supporter or just a strongly conservative person, but either way, maybe now isn’t the time for you to worry about whether Trump supporters are the “REAL” victims here.

      • ParkViewneighbor

        Yes and no.
        There was a post a few days ago about rise in hate crimes. Who is responsible for the rise in hate crime ? That’s the question here.
        A lot of attention has been drawn to violent acts by Trump supporters and we are all entitled to know who is committing these crimes in DC. I fail to see the racism in this question.
        If the perps behind this uptick in hate crimes are trumpists, go after them. if the perps are other DMV residents, go after them too. Period.

      • ParkViewneighbor

        And as a side note, it shouldn’t be a competition between under-privileged groups to determine who can be assaulted or bullied.
        If the perp is black, cool, still hate crime charges
        If the perp is a female trump supporter, cool, hate crime charges
        If the perp is a disabled veteran, cool hate crime charges

  • Reality

    Protect trans people! Actions like rolling back protections in schools (thanks Trump and DeVos) and having an extremely homophobic/transphobic Vice President may not directly link to a person to throwing a brick through a window, but it gives people less safe spaces and creates a narrative that LGBT people are “less than,” which is WRONG and emboldens hatred. This is just one of many LGBT centers across the country that have been targeted over the last few weeks (not to mention targeting of JCC centers as well).

  • gotryit

    Don’t they have surveillance cameras there? I think they went up after the first round of dum^$$es made threats when they first opened there. Hopefully the jerk is caught.

    • Anondc

      They do have surveillance cameras and the morning news was running the video. They have also posted it online. http://www.fox5dc.com/news/241145941-story

    • Squire of the Squangle

      Congratulations! Your clever ploy to circumvent Popville’s sophisticated profanity-filtering algorithm seems to have worked.

    • gotryit

      And he was caught.

      From MPD:
      March 13, 2017

      Arrest Made In Connection With Multiple Offenses:
      2800 block of Georgia Avenue, Northwest

      (Washington, DC) – The Metropolitan Police Department announced that an arrest has been made in connection with multiple offenses which occurred in the 2800 block of Georgia Avenue, Northwest on Sunday, March 12, 2017.

      At approximately 2:00 pm, the suspect engaged in a verbal altercation with a victim inside of an establishment. Following the exchange, the subject physically assaulted the victim and made threatening remarks. The subject proceeded to exit the establishment and throw a brick at the door, causing damage.

      Based upon the initial investigation at the scene and witness statements, the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating this as a potential bias related crime.

      On Monday, March 13, 2017, pursuant to a DC Superior Court arrest warrant, 20-year-old Andrew Cook, of Southeast, DC, was arrested and charged with Felony Destruction of Property. Cook was additionally charged with Simple Assault and Threatening to Kidnap or Injure a Person.


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