Bad News: The Trump-Mobile is Back. Good News: It Didn’t Crash Into Anyone.

by Prince Of Petworth March 24, 2017 at 9:09 pm 26 Comments

trumpmobile popville

He’s back, yup, this guy. Fortunately no reports of any crashes yet. Thanks to all who sent word. Allison writes:

“Still confident despite his big fat health care FAIL today (also the music it plays is SO LOUD – is that legal???) – spotted at 11th and Mass @ 6:45p”


Update from Sara:

“Trump mobile broke down and blocked the H St Streetcar and entrance to Autozone for a while tonight. Seems like karma.”


  • Miller

    This thing is such a nuisance. It causes traffic jams wherever it goes and the guy driving it has no idea what he’s doing. Awful. I wonder how many hit-and-runs it will do this time.

  • Frankie

    So…can you actually walk the bridge?

  • penguins9966

    This is literally the best thing ever and so fitting on a dumpster fire of a day for the Republicans

    • Breezy


  • justbeachy

    Pretty sure they drove outside the Today Show this morning. I got a 2 second glimpse before they cut to a clip.

  • LJ

    Though I’m sure Trump is delighted that his supporter’s float was blocking the H St. Streetcar; that thing has certainly been the epitome of wasteful government overspending in the “swamp!”

    • anon

      with the increased property taxes from the development it stimulated, the streetcar was basically free. you can quibble about it’s effectiveness as public transit, but extending a crosstown connection to georgetown in dedicated lanes would end that argument too.

      • LJ

        Several years, $200 million over budget, and roughly $8 million a year in maintenance fees with zero plans to even try to recoup those costs (actually there are fears that charging for the streetcar would completely kill the already slim ridership), but I’ll shut up if you can give me one iota of reliable evidence that you’re not just making a post hoc ergo proctor hoc argument and that those rising property taxes which were already booming happened solely because of the Streetcar, and not because the area was already in development. The rate of increase in value on my 19th St. house suggests otherwise.
        Oh, and good luck ever getting Georgetown to allow a direct route from Benning Rd./Trinidad. Hah!

        • anon

          sure, it’s hard to determine the alpha created by the streetcar. but looking at georgia avenue (another arterial road for md commuters in an otherwise established but depressed neighborhood) might provide a better comparison than your 19th street house. the relative absence of development there would indicate the streetcar played a role. the $200m includes purchase of the streetcars themselves and construction of a car barn, neither of which would be required for an extension.

          re georgetown, its lack of connectivity is a problem, as seen by the relative drop in rent/sqft in georgetown’s commercial space compared to the rest of the city. connectivity is essential gtown to be competitive in a city that is exploding around it. this isn’t the same as the metro stop decision in 1950 (which was arguably based on an engineering decision: the depth it would have to go to get under the potomac made putting a stop in georgetown unrealstic). the silly dream of the gondola is an attempt to solve the connectivity problem, but the streetcar is more realistic.

          finally, the city is going to need better public transit to handle all the development that’s going on right now. the streetcar is the least bad option to handle this (maybe buses in dedicated lanes, but those have higher operating costs). the crappy planning from the first leg shouldn’t stop the city from making a public transit investment that will get us around. we’ll have to do it one way or another soon enough.

  • Lol

    I met this guy when I was in MI for an event. That’s where he resides. I’m going to tell you something that might surprise you, but he’s not “all there” upstairs.

    • B

      Uh, neither is the guy whose name is on this street hazard. :)

  • josef

    Hahahaaaaaahahah. Good. I was actually behind this asshole on 295 on his way into town. There was noteable bluish smoke coming from the tailpipe. Guess Jesus didn’t change the oil for em.

  • JohnP

    They pulled up in front of Lafayette Park with God Bless America blaring from loudspeakers. At the same time, the pizzagate nutters were holding a rally about 100 feet away. A pizzagate guy tried to steal the speaker’s microphone, small scuffle ensued and pg guy was arrested. Pretty much 2017 in a nut shell.

    • aglets

      this Is the greatest thing I’ve read all day


    Apparently the Trump-Mobile also showed up at the Pizzagate rally today. https://twitter.com/willsommer/status/845670312456916993

    (Yes, the Pizzagate rally actually happened. And apparently some people traveled from as far away as San Diego in order to claim that the hoax is real…)

    • textdoc

      There was a Pizzagate rally?!?? Jesus H. Christ. Poor James Alefantis.

    • dcd

      Didn’t the nutbag whostarted, or at least perpetuated, the Pizzagate nonsense, Alex Jones, recently recant and apologize? So these people don’t believe him? (Not that anyone should make a habit of believing Alex Jones, but you get my point.) Also, if Alex Jones is not sufficiently conspiracy-minded for you, you really have to wonder just how far from the pack you have strayed . . .

      • louc

        Why, yes, Alex Jones did apologize. Usually his conspiracy theories involve pols, who can’t win a libel lawsuit. However, the owner of Comet Pizza is not a high-profile person so he certainly can. Which is probably why Jones apologized. That’s my theory, anyway.

        The Post covered the “rally” of dozens and asked about Jones’ apology. The protesters basically shrugged their shoulders. They still believe it.

        • MadMax

          That’s really the only reason he recanted, to avoid being sued (which still might happen as the damage was already done).

  • Anon NS

    Happy it broke down. Bummed it didn’t catch fire.

  • madmonk28

    Trump and his supporters are straight up trash.

  • Epic Fail

    Spotted tonight at Wisconsin and Veazey blasting American Pie. Around 8pm.

  • The Jimmy

    That trailer can not be legal.

  • MadMax

    As to whether the music / noise is legal, yes it absolutely is, as long as it’s after 7am and before (I believe) 10pm. He has to follow the same noise ordinances as any construction company, trash hauling, etc.

    • navyard

      My understanding (I am not a lawyer and have pretty crappy reading comprehension) is that loud noise from speakers and megaphones is protected speech as long as it’s not used to drown out someone else’s first amendment right to speak.
      The “christian” dude with the megaphone at the Nats games makes me crazy, and when he showed up and ranted throughout the Pope’s speech last year, that wasn’t even stopped. I think the police are so afraid of controversy that they sometimes are ineffective.
      I don’t know what the limits are though. Even the ice cream truck has to move it and stop playing when it’s stopped on the street for too long.

    • Anon, A Mouse

      I’m not a lawyer and there might be some nuance that I’m missing, but the one man trump Parade might be illegal “most” of time. Legality seems fluid depending on the vehicle’s disposition and the zoning where it is at the time. Plus, the reg seems super confusing. Now, like some of y’all are saying, getting these enforced might never happen…

      Consecutive lines in reg 20-2807
      “prohibited in streets or on highways after 9:00 a.m., and between 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.”
      “prohibited in streets or on highways after 9:00 p.m. and before 9:30 a.m. ”
      probably written by the same person who puts 4 different parking signs on one pole.

      20-2807 covers vehicle mounted loudspeakers, or google search “Noise Regulations Handbook – dcra” for a comprehensive guide (addresses 1st amendment concerns too), but the DCRA site doesn’t seem to find it easily.


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