Washington, DC

trumpmobile crash

Thanks to all who emailed last night. At least it wasn’t school bus this time. Stay tuned for continuing coverage.

“that huge Trump trailer is back again- he tried to go into the underpass under Thomas Circle, but I think it was too tall, so he was backing it up and reversed too quickly and hit the car behind him! 0-2 in just one day. Sad!”

“There was a four-car accident involving the Trump truck at 13th and Mass. shortly before 8 pm.”


Upate more details:

“The same “Unity Bridge” truck (or a similar one) crashed into a black car last night around 7:30 p.m. near Thomas Circle on Mass Ave. The truck realized it couldn’t fit under the underpass, so stopped and started backing up into oncoming traffic. The black car stopped to give it space, a young teenager in a tuxedo got out of the Trump truck to wave and yell, signaling an impending crash, and the truck continued to back up and crash into the car behind it.

Then the driver of the Trump truck, also in a tux, got out and started yelling at the driver he crashed into, saying the other driver should have known what was about to happen.

Meanwhile, a big guy just walking by mooned everyone, flipped off the Trump truck and yelled profanities.”



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