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New Mini Series: Who Did the Trump-Mobile Crash Into Today?

by Prince Of Petworth January 19, 2017 at 9:45 am 51 Comments

trumpmobile crash

Thanks to all who emailed last night. At least it wasn’t school bus this time. Stay tuned for continuing coverage.

“that huge Trump trailer is back again- he tried to go into the underpass under Thomas Circle, but I think it was too tall, so he was backing it up and reversed too quickly and hit the car behind him! 0-2 in just one day. Sad!”

“There was a four-car accident involving the Trump truck at 13th and Mass. shortly before 8 pm.”


Upate more details:

“The same “Unity Bridge” truck (or a similar one) crashed into a black car last night around 7:30 p.m. near Thomas Circle on Mass Ave. The truck realized it couldn’t fit under the underpass, so stopped and started backing up into oncoming traffic. The black car stopped to give it space, a young teenager in a tuxedo got out of the Trump truck to wave and yell, signaling an impending crash, and the truck continued to back up and crash into the car behind it.

Then the driver of the Trump truck, also in a tux, got out and started yelling at the driver he crashed into, saying the other driver should have known what was about to happen.

Meanwhile, a big guy just walking by mooned everyone, flipped off the Trump truck and yelled profanities.”


  • Blithe

    So, is this what “Uniting” America looks like? Frequent collisions that could have been completely avoided with a bit more common sense and forethought?

    • AMDCer

      Your second sentence is the description of what the incoming administration is likely to be.

      • Smilla

        +1 billion

      • BigD

        Your second sentence is the description of what the incoming administration has already become.

        *Fixed that for you.

        • Blithe

          And then, there are those frequent collusions…. Sigh.

  • Alize Chugger

    As shown over the past two days, this thing is a public safety hazard. It should not be permitted on DC streets.

    • Anonymous25


      • FridayGirl

        + a million

    • JohnH

      I don’t get why DC doesn’t have laws outlawing oversized vehicles during business hours. Many cities have this – or require registration to operate the oversized vehicle (which I would presume requires more than joyriding).

      • FridayGirl

        Actually, they do in some places, but I believe it’s street-by-street. (For example, I wasn’t supposed to have a moving truck on my street during certain hours due to size restrictions.)

        • JohnH

          Well not necessarily parking but driving. For instance, in Seattle no oversized vehicles are allowed in their downtown zones during rush hours period, with still strict regulations during daytime hours. Basically only time this guy could drive in downtown Seattle is 7 pm – 6 am.

          • FridayGirl

            Right. I am talking about driving. We have a loading dock but were told trucks larger than a certain size weren’t allowed down our street (thus, they could not get to the loading dock) between certain hours during the day. Obviously large streets don’t do this here but I do believe it is done to some extent.

    • lizcolleena

      Totally agree. This is 3 accidents in one day? That’s crazy. Has the driver been checked for inebriation or license to operate that large of a vehicle by police? I know it’s big, but at some point if you can’t operate it safely, he shouldn’t be allowed to do so.

    • anoNE


  • Anon

    This why he needs to raise all that money?

  • Anon

    Minimum liability coverage might not be enough to compensate drivers for the damage this man is causing if he’s hitting multiple cars in a single accident. Not even getting to the risk of personal injury. His right to free speech in his nation’s capital ends where it causes harm to the people who live here. Where are our local police???

    • Patrick Division

      “Where are our local police?” Have you checked the 7/11??

      • ParkViewneighbor

        Dude, you killed me here

        • Liz in VA

          better than the trump mobile killing you……what a horrible way to go…..

          the administration would have to send kellyanne conway to brush it off.

          ‘people die everyday. no big deal. come on guys. hillary lost. move on….’

          • navyard

            Liz in VA, you nailed it!

      • Michael Pierce

        From what I’ve observed, they’re sitting in their warm cruisers, watching the Friends DVD box set.

      • TinkerTaylor

        The only thing that will stop a bad guy with an oversized, bridge-bearing trailer covered in political slogans is a good guy with an oversized, bridge-bearing trailer covered in political slogans. Yep, demo derby.

        • Steph

          Bahahahaha +1

      • Jay Essay

        If you want to find all the cops, they’re hanging out in the donut shop. They sing and dance (oh whey oh), spin the clubs cruise down the block.

  • dd

    Nothing says unity like a gigantic display promoting the most polarizing politician of my lifetime.
    Saw him on 10th St near NY Ave this morning.

  • kallie

    This vehicle and driver are clearly road hazards. How can he be allowed to continue operating this trailer in DC? He’s going to really hurt someone at this point.

    • MadMax

      Yeah I was wondering the same thing. At what point does some authority say you’ve caused enough damage and impound this POS.

      • Anon

        Hahahaha, it’s clear that you haven’t driven in DC in a while…

        • MadMax

          Yeah, not since 2011.

  • Anonymous US Liberation Movement

    He parks this thing on 10th (near NY Ave NW) overnight.

    • Colhi

      Can’t get too far on slashed tires. Just sayin’

    • MadMax

      I’m shocked it hasn’t been vandalized.

      • Hill Denizen

        There is an SUV with a huge trump sign on its back window (one of those wrap things) often parked at the entrance of the Longworth building. It takes every fiber of my being to not throw a rock through the windshield as I’m walking into work.

        • dc_anon

          step 1) don’t be an a$%. Step 2) repeat step 1.

  • Ehdc

    Exercising his first amendment right to drive like an a-hole.

  • anon

    Exactly how many accidents does this guy have to get into before DC police intervene and impound the car?

  • Truxton Thomas

    I actually think this is very helpful in getting us ready for a whole Cabinet full of incompetents recklessly blundering about with no regard for the consequences of their actions. Thank you, Idiot Mobile.

    • jaybird

      Amen. Or something.

    • banananonymous

      +100, this is definitely Rick Perry’s new means of transportation

  • I Dont Get It

    I’m sure if the police would pull him over for a safety inspection they could find multiple violations. And meth.

    • MsSunshine


  • kt

    OK so can we get this thing impounded? Can we take this drivers’ license away? 2 (or 3?) accidents within 2 days, this guy is a danger to drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Get him off the road.

  • Mike Honcho

    “Meanwhile, a big guy just walking by mooned everyone, flipped off the Trump truck and yelled profanities.””

    Not all heroes wear capes

    • Anonymouse


    • BRKLND

      You sir are a treasure.

    • LexDC

      He is all of us.

  • Ced

    It could really use a “0 Days Since Last Accident” sign on it…or rather “0 Hours Since Last Accident” sign because days are too big of a timestep.

  • Jay

    Vote on emotion/ drive on emotion, clearly shows the trumpies can’t figure it out

  • Tim

    Trump voters…playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes.

    How many accidents does this mental midget have to cause before he realizes its “him”

  • JoDa

    In a way, this is a perfect encapsulation of the Trump voters I know. Get yourself into a sticky situation through stupidity or reckless behavior and then blame others for it, all while complaining that “snowflakes” should “suck it up buttercup” and get by on their own mettle, just like they did.
    My favorite example being someone who commented (I know them personally, but this conversation took place on Facebook, on a mutual friend’s post about how student loan assistance programs helped them when they were starting their career) that, of course they didn’t have student loans…they didn’t go to college because they knew they couldn’t afford it [:cough: probably couldn’t even get into a community college :cough:], and that’s why the government should force companies to employ people in low-skill, good-paying jobs in the US. And stop abusing seniors and the disabled with “poverty-level” payments (basically, we should increase SSI and SSDI payments). Because honest, hard-working people can’t get ahead, and we should stop coddling people who got themselves in over their heads with student loans and work on helping Real Americans (TM) who just want to “work hard and earn their keep.”
    And the scary thing is, they don’t even recognize the cognitive dissonance.

  • To be fair, that thing is covered in stop sign shapes for some reason. I wouldn’t move my car either.

    On the plus side, he’s rockin the Statue of Liberty on board–a gift from a foreign country that has stood as a symbol welcoming immigrants and refugees to our beautiful nation.


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