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Report: 5 People Shot in the 1300 block of Brentwood Road, NE

by Prince Of Petworth March 2, 2017 at 9:38 pm 12 Comments

via google maps

Alan Henney reports just after 9:30pm:

5 PERSONS SHOT– i/a/o 1300 blk Brentwood Rd NE-DC. So far all sound like non-life-threatening (NLT) injuries. No suspect info yet.”

Updates when MPD reports.

MPD confirms: “Shooting in the 1300 block of Brentwood Road, NE. No Lookout.”

  • JoDa

    Ugh…well, the “heavy police presence” at this known trouble spot clearly didn’t last long. How many people have to be shot here before some serious action is taken?

  • CW

    Seriously, this corner is basically a 24/7 open air drug market. City officials paraded around after the last shooting but disappeared the next day. It’s a shame because the liquor store here is outstanding. Unfortunately I won’t use it given the current climate outside.

    • JoDa

      I was surprised after this to see McDuffie on the morning news talking about even more mysteriously shaking houses (the speculation about the new Metro trains). Srsly? He keeps that appointment the morning after 5 people are shot? I was an apologist for him for a long time, but that just set me off. I was excited for the G9, but the stop is right at this intersection, and will make me less likely to use it because, like you, I avoid this corner like the plague. We don’t even need new laws to deal with the issue…JUST CHASE THE PEOPLE AWAY FOR DRINKING/OPEN CONTAINER/DRUG USE/URINATING/DEFECATING/ETC. in public! If they get chased away under threat of being fined/arrested every 45 minutes, they’ll stop congregating here.
      “Won’t that just move the problem elsewhere?” Maybe. There aren’t any other liquor stores with lightly-traveled pocket parks across from them and no homes immediately facing them in the immediate area. JJ’s and Ole’ Reliable won’t put up with the illegal activity (plus the cops constantly posted up at the 7/11 on Brentwood next door to JJ’s), and it would be far too noticeable right across from the Metro…

      • anon

        What happened today is a shame, but given how much change is about to occur in that area over the next few years with RIA and what I presume to be piggybacking developments, there’s probably not much that needs to be done. There’ll be many new residents, streetscaping, and eyes on the street soon, and this problem will probably be solved (at this particular location).

        • JoDa

          Despite razing the plaza & old Caribbean restaurant, the phase of RIA directly across the street from here is not scheduled to begin until 2019 (with at least one more year to deliver…probably longer as these are the largest buildings). Since a handful of current residents seem bent on tying up the development (including in court) and other people nearby are opposed to the zoning variances for the PUD, it could be even longer. At least 7 people have been shot at this location in the last YEAR, plus multiple other violent crimes. I’m not that patient. We have a police force as well as laws that can solve this problem now, so that people can wait for the bus, drive up a street, or patronize a store without being in fear for their safety.

  • Guillermo Brown

    Anyone know what they’re doing with the site of that old Caribbean spot that was recently razed? Kind of across the street from here…

    • hiphop anonymous

      check out riadc.com

  • Neighborly

    This is arguably the most dangerous part of Brookland. Though, this will probably change in the coming years with all the development across the street in Brentwood…

    • stacksp

      In my own mind, i dont consider this brookland lol. Anything above Franklin St, I just consider a gap between “Brookland” and “Saratoga”. Saratoga is not an official DC neighborhood but from a “crew” perspective, its Saratoga and Montana that are operating this area

      • Neighborly

        Fair perspective. I was just referring to the actual neighborhood boundary being Michigan, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and the red line.

        • stacksp

          Yeah understood

  • Nicky

    It’s unnerving how many people are always just hanging out along this strip at all times. I pretty much have stopped driving up 14th to RI now because of it.


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