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  • houseintherear

    very cool!

  • Shawz

    You know what would be really great though? If they actually built something on that giant lot with prime frontage on 7th Street, half a block from the supermarket and Dacha. Not that I don’t love the drug addicts that congregate there right now and harass people all day.

    • Marion Streeter

      But, how great that the neighbors all got together with City Blossoms to try and spruce up that small corner. A lot of effort and coordination went into this – and while we’ve certainly been waiting a very long time for some development on that lot, I’m proud of my neighbors for taking matters into their own hands and beautifying our lovely little street.

      • Thanks so much for the shout out! We were so happy to get to at least get the corner spruced up. can’t wait for the plants to start to bloom!

    • CS

      I remember looking at a place when condo shopping in that building that faces that lot and thinking, something large is going to be built there, and bye bye all the light in the unit.

  • Emmaleigh504

    So cheery!


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