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  • Truxton Thomas

    Now’s my chance to ask: Who is that guy?

  • MadMax

    I’m not sure the question being asked here?

  • Josh

    It’s Steve Cummings’ self portrait, entitled Artuare.

  • PJL
    • Nice – I was looking for that post and couldn’t find it :)

      • Grant Circle

        Thank you original poster for finding the past poster post, hopefully we’ll see a re-post soon.

        Post Script, I’m sorry.

  • northeazy

    This man is an associate of BK Adams. In 2010 I was driving a rented U-haul van on Whitehurst Freeway by the Watergate. I am not an experienced van driver. I changed lanes and smashed into a Mercedes Benz CLK. I immediately pulled over and the Benz pulled in front of me. A very irate, large, Black Panthers looking man complete with beret, camos, and black combat boots storms out of this car towards me. I thought it was lights out for sure. After some initial words, we ended up deescalating the situation (I admitted fault–that always helps.) Long story short, we became quite friendly on the side of the freeway and he explained he was a local artist on his way to a show. In the back of his car he had several original prints (they had a raised embossed stamp to indicate they were not copies). He reached into his car and gave me one as a gift. He then invited me to his show at one of the Smithsonians later on that summer (I never went, regretfully.) The print he gave me was a picture of him, in a similar outfit he had on, and next to him was a picture of the man in question, but dressed in what appeared to be civil war era type of clothing. It is hanging in my apartment to this day. Hope that sheds some light on this mystery.


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