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Soapstone Market Kicking it up a Notch in Van Ness with new executive pastry chef Huw Griffith

by Prince Of Petworth February 24, 2017 at 11:30 am 13 Comments

Chef Huw Griffiths at Soapstone Market
Huw Griffith, Photo by FREDDE LIEBERMAN

And do not sleep on the slushies! While, I’ve mentioned the reubens, now I can also plug the pastrami with coleslaw on a toasted sesame bun. Get in my belly!! And if slushies don’t scratch your sweet tooth this oughta make you smile:

“Huw Griffith, a Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington “Pastry Chef of the Year” honoree, has been named executive pastry chef of Soapstone Market, a community marketplace located in the Van Ness area of Washington DC.

A neighborhood market with communal space, a cafe and a bar, Soapstone Market is located at 4465 Connecticut Avenue, two blocks north of the Van Ness Metro. In addition to specialty foods and groceries, Soapstone Market offers a deli, coffee bar, butcher shop, wine and beer section, and a selection of prepared foods that may be ordered for take-out or for dining in its sit-down bistro. House-made sandwiches, burgers and fried chicken may be ordered from the deli menu.

Griffith, the 2007 RAMMY Pastry Chef awardee when he served as executive pastry chef at Tabard Inn, also was tapped as a semi-finalist for Outstanding Pastry Chef by the James Beard Foundation. He has extensive experience in classic and contemporary dessert techniques, pastries, breads and bakeshop production.

His patisserie menu at Soapstone Market includes more than 15 varieties of cakes from a chocolate hazelnut praline Dacquoise to a milk chocolate Dulce de Leche cheesecake to a chocolate toffee bread pudding. Equally impressive is his list of pies and tarts which includes a coconut Key Lime pie, a lemon fig Linzer torte and a butterscotch cream pie. Cupcakes, donuts, strudel, puddings and turnovers are part of his “bits and bobs” menu. Finally, he creates savory meat pies and Cornish pastry.

A large selection of bakery goods are available every day. A variety of sourdough donuts are made every weekend. Custom patisseries may be made to order.”

4465 Connecticut Ave, NW

  • VanNesser

    I’m itching to start the Bread Furst vs. Soapstone Market item-by-item review site. So far, Bread Furst has the clear winner in baguettes and empanadas, but Soapstone’s chocolate chip cookie is far superior in chewy splendor (and only $1).

    • The Bread Furst ham and butter on a baguette can also not be topped!

      • Johnp

        That sandwich is one of my favorite things, it’s only competition being the muffaletta that Little Red Fox occasionally makes.

        Pretty amazing that in the last 4 years, we’ve gotten Little Red Fox, Breadfurst and Soapstone – all awesome options within less than a mile of each other. Hope there’s enough business to sustain them all.

        • Anonymous

          Ditto, though I’m partial to Bread Furst. I love the staff and their weekend brunch options are off the chain. Little Red Fox isn’t convenient for me, but when I do get something from there, I’m pretty impressed. Soapstone just looks a little sad when you walk in.

          • I agree the look isn’t great – but with the weather warming up that patio is gonna be great. Also that pastrami sandwich!!

      • MtP

        The ham and cheese biscuit is also incredible. So are the croissants. Any savory baked good at Bread Furst is amazing, but I have found their sweet goods (other than chocolate croissant) to be lacking, so I am very excited (and my waistline is scared) to try Soapstone.

  • Anonymous

    And those pastries look pretty great.

    • Truxton Thomas

      I agree. I might have to make a trip up to check them out. I do love me some sweet baked goods.

  • s.patrillo

    The pastries look delish–wish they were covered. What is it w/bakeries and uncovered pastries out in the open. Are they aware of the staleness factor???

    • Pretty sure that was a photo op…

      • s.patrillo

        ok, but I have seen this at some coffee shops. (See Peet’s, Panera Bakery…..while not specialty shops, I have seen this at other specialty bakeries)

        • Yuck!

          the larger (massively so) concern for your’s and the public’s health are all the ‘fancy’ restaurants (e.g., tail up goat, rose’s luxury, bad saint, etc.) – as well as all cooking shows NEVER use gloves or hair nets when handling raw food. they’re media darlings, ego maniacs, and tyrants. see something, say something: http://dc.healthinspections.us/webadmin/dhd_431/web/

  • Rudy the Janitor

    Love Soapstone! Just another reason to shlep my way up there. Awesome draft selection too–sneaky good really. Their beer dude Chris is the man. Alright!


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