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I’ve Found Blue Raspberry Slushies, Repeat, I’ve Found Blue Raspberry again!

by Prince Of Petworth January 13, 2017 at 9:25 am 11 Comments


Ever since the gas station at 15th and U screwed us by inexplicably replacing blue raspberry with mango, MANGO!?!?! I’ve been on the hunt. Miracle of miracles, I found it on our incredibly pleasant, prime slushie slurping weather day yesterday, Baruch Ha’Shem! Bless you Soapstone Market you will forever own a place in my heart. Also props for three flavor options – not messing around here! Also, for the very early word – the Reubens are excellent and the staff is incredible kind.

4465 Connecticut Ave, NW

  • PretzelThirsty

    Can I have a slushie for breakfast? #”workingfromhome”

    Yeah, I hash-tagged.

  • blues

    Hermahgerd, that is within walking distance of my home. YAS.

    • Ross

      Though if you go in there and say “Hermahgerd” or “YAS,” the owners will wash your mouth out with soapstone.

      • blues

        As long as it is Blue Raspberry flavored, I can live with that.

  • TX2DC

    I always remember the spinning cup on top of the old school Slush Puppie machines.

  • Cleveland Park runner

    This update brightened my day. While I have no interest in slushies, the positivity here is refreshing!

  • Idontgetit

    Do they have free WIFI?

    • PretzelThirsty

      Yes they do. The password is “tippingPO1NT”

  • Glover Park

    I read that as “slush poopie”, and I’m still giggling

  • abdc

    Don’t they always have blue raspberry slushies at most movie theatres?

  • cpc10

    Broad Branch Market had Blue Raspberry this summer, and it appears they are the same owners as Soapstone…wonder if they just moved the Slush Puppy machine further south?


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