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  • Anon

    I may be missing the joke. But I think it’s a Phoenix. Still, I don’t think great home security sympol – goes down in flames, then rises from the ashes? The only reason I know what a Phoenix is: Recovering addicts love it as a tattoo on TV shows

  • Schmooky

    That is most definitely a pheasant.

  • mcd

    Holy Shit! I am 99% sure that is my Grandfather’s security company. He used to live in Fairfax and designed custom security systems for homes and small businesses. Going to have to ask my mom.

    • If it is – ask her how a pheasant was chosen please!!

      • mcd

        It is him, and it is a pheasant. Mom said he just really likes pheasants. He used to put food scraps on a platform out in his yard to feed hawks. He was on the original engineering design team for the Polaris missile- an early Submarine-launched Ballistic Missile back in the cold war. He’s brilliant. Unfortunately when the project ended he was overqualified for most other work and struggled to find a job. He ended up starting a business for custom security systems. Thanks for posting PoP!

        • So cool – thank you for sharing!!

        • JMo

          That’s so cool, a little local history gem!

  • Anon

    It is indeed a ring-necked pheasant.

  • Vered



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