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  • Mug of Glop

    Either coincidentally (or not), I noticed last night that Ghibellina had this same paint job!

    • Jst

      They are owned by the same person, Ari Gejdenson.

  • JT

    I hope this is temporary. I mean, the sentiment is nice and all, but Eastern Market is not and should not resemble Adams Morgan. Not sure how the historic preservation folks allowed this. (cue, Debbie Downer noise)

    • That’s one helluva jump JT – well done.

      • Lane

        LOL. This is the most Capitol Hill comment possible. Down with all aesthetic differences!

        • JT

          LOL. I know I sound like I didn’t have my coffee. But it is annoying that I have to jump through all these hoops to change any aesthetic of something I own, but others have free reign to do whatever they please.

    • navyard

      Hating on the love, JT?

      I love it

  • jaseguy30

    I walk by this everyday. How have I missed this? When was this painted? Also, it is horrendous.

  • Anon

    Went there a few days ago, and the waiter said this was painted while the restaurant was closed for the day without immigrants as a surprise for their staff.

    • CHSC

      Makes me teary eyed…

      To feel respected by your employer, especially in this political climate, is so important.

    • jaseguy30

      OK- mind has been changed.

  • kanon

    I *love* it <3


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