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  • northeazy

    Can someone explain Ivy City to me. I was there yesterday and it was dead. Grant it, it was a cold February evening. But still. U st isnt dead. 14th st isn’t dead. Even H st NE isn’t totally dead. Ill be the first to admit that I was totally wrong about the rousing success of Union Market. But I just do not see Ivy City taking off. The Nike Outlet is a destination spot, so I get that. But I just cant see all these restaurants and bars that have been popping up like Big Chief, Ari’s Diner, Puerta Verde, and Dock FC (the last three all by one owner who seems to have doubled down on Ivy City) all being supported by the Hecht Warehouse apartments. The businesses that seem to thrive are not dependent on foot traffic or residences (Atlas Brewery, Ivy City Smokehouse, Green Hat, One Eighth, etc.). What am I missing here? Can someone explain to me why a particularly run down part of town with no Metro access and absolutely zero curb appeal (bus barn, taxi depot, homeless shelter) has received so much funding and investment?

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I can’t promise it will succeed, but I did a distillery/brewery crawl with friends two weekends ago (went to Green Hat, Republic Restoratives, Jos. A. Magnus, Atlas, One-Eight, and Cotton& Reed (and hit up Ari’s for food)). I would say that all of the places I went were pretty busy (some were packed) on a Saturday with nice weather. The biggest issue will be weekdays, I would think.

    • MadMax

      You’re seeing an incomplete picture. Douglas owns virtually all of Ivy City worth developing, and so far they’ve only done one of their planned improvements, with 2 or 3 more huge projects to go. They only make sense when you look at the whole of what’s to come, which will completely transform that area. I doubt it will ever be a destination in the same vein as other neighborhoods, but it will be a completely self-sustaining environment that didn’t really exist there before.

      • northeazy

        So I presume many more residences will be popping up?

        • MadMax

          Oh for sure, Google “New City DC”, it will be massive.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            Interesting, I have never seen that before. Much of it is a little ways from the stuff around Hechts Warehouse but interesting nonetheless. If Dakota Crossing can make it, I don’t see any reason Ivy City can’t, even if sort of split up into two areas. Also, as an interesting side note, in the marketing materials, the sample “Big Market” definitely has a Wegman’s clock tower on it. Let the rumors swirl!!!

    • Bryan

      Granted not a weekday but I was there on Sunday and it was packed. We started off at Union Market which is always busy. Then hit the Mom’s organic in Ivy City which was my first and likely not my last time going there. Nice little selection. And yeah, the Nike Outlet is sweet.

      But while most of the traffic was from people driving, it does seem to be heading towards a more busy place to be.

    • saf

      Your description sounds like so much of what people said to us when we moved to Petworth in 1990.


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