“I looked, but found no sign of the finger.”

by Prince Of Petworth February 17, 2017 at 3:15 pm 10 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Any idea who or what has the authority to handle the loss of Abe Lincoln’s index finger in Judiciary Square? This is the statue on the south side of the District Courthouse. I was walking my dog when I noticed it and asked some office workers heading to lunch about it. No one had any clue about how to report it. I looked, but found no sign of the finger.”

Hmm, maybe the National Parks Service could help (I’ve emailed them to let them know.) Any other advice on who to alert? Someone in the courts?


  • gonzo

    well, this seems to be an interesting coincidence…

  • andy2

    Ask Freddy, they made a movie about him getting fingered.

  • Holy Trinidad

    Donald Trump recently seen waving with one normal sized finger. President vows “more to come”.

  • Tim

    If you figure it out, the General Greene statue in Stanton Park (Cap Hill, 4th & 5th, C St NE) needs metal work. The stirrup on his right side has rusted enough to fall down. I tried tweeting NPS 15 months ago and a couple times since. No responses or action.

    • wdc

      And Joan of Arc in Meridian Hill Park. Although I do enjoy the substitute swords people give her.

  • Anon DC

    This has been like this for a LONG time. At least a year, but maybe longer. I walk past it every day and folks are always taking pictures of it, presumably because 1) he’s giving the finger; and 2) if you stand at the right angle, his middle finger looks like…

  • Is he pointed generally in the direction of the White House?

  • Joshua

    This kind of vandalism has been happening for a long time. His hand had to be replaced at one point.


  • Reality

    “Pull my finger. NOT THAT HARD!”

  • Anon

    The courts are closed today, but Leah Gurowitz is the point of contact. 202-879-1700.


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