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“He seems to be fairly inebriated (stairs are hard!)”

by Prince Of Petworth February 13, 2017 at 3:45 pm 12 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

This one is from Friday 2/10 at 1:28pm near 10th & Spring NW. He seems to be fairly inebriated (stairs are hard!) and misses the pretty obvious fact that we have camera in plain view but thinks ahead enough to wrap the box up in an extra coat to hide it as he walks away. The box contained a present from a family member that was largely sentimental and not really of significant monetary value so that’s tough news since we know the chances of recovery are super slim. I’ve reported it to MPD via the online reporting form anyhow and thought I’d send it your way, too….”

  • Ask your neighbors, look around for the discarded box, contact any dog-walkers in the neighborhood. I often find discarded (rejected stolen) packages on my street and can usually trace the owner.

  • anon

    I’ve seen this same group of guys hanging around 14th and Quincy. They stood outside our building for like an hour and a half, drinking liquor on the sidewalk. It looked like they had stolen somebody’s Blue Apron delivery, as a few were eating the remnants from a box they were standing around.

    • navyard

      I’m terrible at interpreting body language and movements, but I’ll persist anyway: It looks like the thief held back a little as in maybe he didn’t want the others to see what he was doing? If I hung around with a bunch of friends who were okay with stealing, then I would have said “hey, hold on guys” and there would be more people milling about on camera. But in this film, it looks like the last guy didn’t want anyone to know he was going to swipe that package.

  • Anonymous

    There is a really good chance that these gentlemen hang out together fairly frequently, and most likely in the same general area (if this is anything like Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights). Also, since it’s fairly cold out he’s unlikely to be wearing a different jacket. Red is a pretty easy color to spot.

  • I Dont Get It

    Hey! That’s how I walk up and down stairs and mostly I’m sober! ;-)

  • c

    That SUCKS. I’m sorry, OP.

  • tom

    why does mtp and ch have such an issue with public drinking by latino men. i have observed them in ch square chugging a 1/5 of vodka in plain view with impunity.

  • anon

    I walk my dog around that area all the time and will keep an eye out for discarded packages! So sorry this happened.

  • Joysbrother

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think the manner in which he climbs the stairs is due to intoxication. looks to me like he simply was trying to avoid making noise.

  • vicarz

    Thanks for sharing – I walk down this block almost daily, and am right by 11 and Spring. Wish I had any faith that I could mail order anything in my (otherwise fairly safe) hood.

    FWIW while my place looks like a construction zone, I sometimes get garbage including torn-open boxes. I try to reach out to the “owners” by looking up the address and calling – if nothing else I drop off the empty box on the porch (only a couple times) so at least they know it was stolen.

    Hey now I know I’m on film on the way to and from work!

    • Anon

      @vicarz – there are at least a handful of cameras along your walk, you probably just don’t realize it!

  • Michelle

    You should check out Peglu! I saw a flyer at my neighborhood coffee shop. Perfect solution for this. It’s a package delivery service in Capitol Hill. They accept my packages at their facility and delivery them when I’m at my apartment. They were offering a free 30-day trial, so I signed up. I like it thus far!


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