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Five Guys coming to former Fire Lake Grill (old Ruby Tuesdays space) in Tenleytown

by Prince Of Petworth February 9, 2017 at 3:25 pm 16 Comments

five guys
4200 Wisconsin Avenue, NW at Van Ness

At long last a replacement for Fire Lake Grill?

Before Fire Lake, this was a Ruby Tuesdays. And for a hot second it looked like Guapo’s would be moving here. Updates if/as construction progresses.

  • ah

    Something’s better than nothing, but I’ll still go up the street to Z-Burger.

    • Sammy Spade

      Z-Burger was always just an imitation Five Guys

      I’d be curious to know why you feel like choosing it over Five Guys

  • uppermostnorthwest

    don’t really understand the need for this especially with Z-Burger and Burger Tap Shake right up the road. However, I guess it is better than the currently vacant property.

  • Disappointed Neighbor

    Fan of Five Guys and happy with something rather than nothing, but its unfortunate to see a pace with decent potential to provide a neighborhood gathering place for families go to waste. ANCs should start looking at how to help recruit business that help create strong community centered anchor businesses

    • AUParker

      Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment about needing more family-friendly restaurants. I thought Fire Lake was perfect and just needed time to get to know the neighbors, so to speak. Alas, they went under due to poor management, missed construction deadlines, and having to pay a mortgage.

      Five Guys doesn’t make any sense here … it’s far too large of a space, has a nice view looking out on Van Ness that 5 Guys will ruin with their white / red tile motif, and like said above, why bother trying to compete with the tons of burger options a half mile away? Heck, put a Ted’s Bulletin in here or Rustico … but another fast casual chain??


      • Michael Pierce

        Ted’s or even a Matchbox, though I’d be concerned with the effect it might have on Pete’s up the road. I’m kind of surprised there isn’t already a Five Guys or two within a half mile of this location.

      • jenster8dc

        Man, agreed. That is gonna be one huge Five Guys. I would dance for joy if a beer bar came in, or really anything that wasn’t another fast food option. Someone get Greg Engert on this!

    • wayne

      Agreed. Its become quite a fast food stretch with nandos , cava, chipotle, z burger, five guys, mcdonalds, 711. This is a dense and demographically well-to-do area yet Tenly is mostly fast food. And most of the restaurants at Cathedral Commons are bleh. Two Amys being the exception.
      I mean what would it take to get a local restaurant with some chops to open around here. Red Apron, Red Hen, Meridian Pint type place even.
      I for one welcome the Idea of more retail at the old fannie mae property. Maybe something good will finally open around here.

  • saf

    And before that, Swensen’s!

  • Jared MacBride

    To compete with the McDonald’s right across the street? At least enough burger joints in the area.

  • epic fail

    Absolutely no! This is awful and an insult to the residents of North Cleveland Park (this location is not in Tenleytown). I’m sick and tired of fast food establishments taking over this part of town and this is the final straw. Resist!

  • You Have Got to Be Kidding

    Oh joy, another fast food establishment in my neighborhood that I won’t patronize. This is completely ridiculous. I agree that the space needs to be filled, but there are so many better uses. I had hopes it could be a grocery/restaurant space like a Glen’s Garden Market that would give neighbors somewhere to gather. Very disappointed in this decision.

  • Derek

    Meanwhile, a much bigger change to the neighborhood gets no coverage on Popville–the Ward 3 family shelter. It will have a much great impact, if built, than a Five Guys. Let’s get some coverage on this imortant issue, Popville! Whether you’re for it or against it, get some coverage on this, please. It goes before the BZA for all kinds of zoning relief on March 1st.


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