CVS Closes in Dupont Circle

by Prince Of Petworth February 14, 2017 at 10:10 am 41 Comments

cvs closed
Technically 1350 Connecticut Ave, NW

Could a Comfort One be coming? Stay tuned!!

Thanks to John for sending word:

“The “Soviet” CVS store south of Dupont Circle on 19th St (next to Panera, not the one on the circle itself) has officially closed.

It’s not really a surprise seeing as it was a block from the other one and was always poorly stocked, but nonetheless another storefront in Dupont is now vacant.”

This is the CVS that used to the movie theater – what was the name of that movie theater?

  • Janice Mitnick

    The “Janus”? With columns in the middle of the tiny theaters?

  • elizml

    Wasn’t it the Odeon theater or am I thinking of another, now-gone theater further up Conn Ave? Too bad we can’t bring back Olsson’s on that block.

  • Anon

    I never understood why this cvs was so close to the other one in the circle. However I used to work in 1350, so it was super convenient to go down there for a junk food fix mid day.

  • textdoc

    “This is the CVS that used to the movie theater – what was the name of that movie theater?”
    If this was the one south of the circle, it was the Loews Cineplex Odeon Dupont Circle 5. It had a good selection, but the individual theaters were really small and you could sometimes hear the popcorn being popped outside, which was distracting.

    • dcRat

      That’s what I thought. I’ve lived here 25 years and only remember that being either a CVS or a People’s drug store (not totally sure about the People’s)

      • dcjpad

        The CVS on Dupont Circle itself was branded Peoples until 1994. The just-closed CVS south of the circle on 19th Street (in the 1350 Connecticut Avenue building) opened sometime after the Dupont Circle 5 theaters closed in early 2008. (They’d opened there in 1987.) The real test in the future will be who remembers CVS’s experimental Beauty 360 storefront that was open for about five minutes on the other side of the 1350 Connecticut Avenue building. More on the Dupont 5: http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/18961

    • AnonG

      Wow, flashback to a fond memory of seeing Rushmore there. I forgot how tiny the theaters were.

    • jsauri

      Haha! I saw The Blair Witch Project there! I remember throwing up in the Circle after we got out.

  • RIP Dupont

    The 9th street Massacre may or may not be happening. But, Dupont South/Conn Ave does seem to be in a long term decline. The Panera, this, books a million, most of the west side of Conn Ave, the SEIU building, plus the entire block of 19th street down by M has basically all gone dark. Even the parts of Conn that still have stuff seem to be less busy than they used to me. Places like Moby Dicks have stopped late night hours and places seem to be closing at 7 and no opening on the weekends.

    Maybe this ultimately dosen’t matter if Dupont South/Conn Ave becomes just another 9-5 K street corridor. But, Dupont will always hold a special place in my heart for back when it was the place to be when I first moved here in 2000. As exciting as it has been to watch 14th street rise, it is tough to watch Dupont fade into oblivion.

  • Anonympous

    Wish the one at Georgia Ave and Sherman would close. Not only is it a disaster, its such a waste of space on a prime corner location. They should tear down the CVS and rebuild it with housing on the upper levels similar to what Rite Aid did at 13th & U St. Probably wishful thinking.

    • JS

      Are you talking about the Georgia & NH Ave one? Sherman and GA don’t intersect. In any case, that one sits on an old gas station site, meaning developing housing would require big remediation $$$.

      • BlueStreak

        Even if it isn’t great, why do you want it closed. It’s very convenient to a lot of people and is close to the Metro. There isn’t really any other drugstore that’s walkable.

    • TX2DC

      If you mean the CVS on Georgia and New Hampshire, +1,000. That store is a ALWAYS slow-burning dumpster fire.

    • Neighborly

      Easily the worst CVS I’ve ever been to. This store really needs rehabilitation or replacement.

    • E

      This comment made me realize how long I’ve lived in Petworth for. I remember when we (neighbors) were all absolutely thrilled when that CVS opened, filling an empty lot and providing safe/clean/convenient pharmacy shopping. Now I’ve been here long enough where the sentiment is that it’s not good enough for the neighborhood and to close it down/replace it.

      • jcm

        Right? They had a big ribbon cutting for it and everything.

      • textdoc

        Yeah — my understanding was that landing the CVS for that corner (Georgia and New Hampshire) was considered quite an accomplishment for the neighborhood.
        I don’t think an almost brand-new building (didn’t it open sometime in 2010?) is getting torn down any time soon.

    • saf

      When they built that one, I said we should hold out for something higher density and was shouted down in a public meeting, told to be grateful we were getting anything there. I still think it should never have been built and wish there was any chance of getting something better there.

  • Bob

    I am pretty sure that the CVS at K and 15th just closed too.

    • Anon

      I just recently noticed that. Seemed like a good location but maybe a little too close to the one at Thomas Circle.

    • Anon

      It did. I’m annoyed.

    • AJSE

      That one was always so bizarre. Almost no signage and none of the pharmacy or main line phone numbers ever connected. Plus it wasn’t listed on the main website for the entire 2 years I worked next to it.

  • Scott Wells

    The just-closed CVS had cosmetics side with an entrance on Connecticut — which didn’t last long. Also, this is the second closure notice, the last was last year and I suppose this was inevitable, paricularly with the upgrades with the CVS on the circle.

    • dcjpad


  • John

    They also closed the CVS on K & 15th, without any warning…very strange.

    • Ava16

      Well they had a sign for all of december saying they were closing at the end of the year. Its just odd because it was always busy, so it couldn’t have been a sales issue…could these closings be a part of bigger CVS thing?

  • Hill Denizen

    On a related note, wasn’t the CVS next to the Eastern Market metro supposed to be expanding into the old Lil Pub space? It’s been empty for ages.

  • Rich

    this really just seemed like an annex to the one on the circl and with the expansion of that store, it doesn’t surprise me that this one is closed.

  • TKPK

    I’m guessing the employees were not aware either, given the sign that refers them to a different CVS store.

  • Father of Fifi

    As mentioned, this had been coming for a while – they posted a notice months ago that they were closing that stayed up for a while before being taken down.

    As someone who works at 1350 Conn, I have to ask – why is it the “Soviet” CVS?

    • mharding01

      May be the same sentiment about the Safeway at 17th and Corcoran – it was jokingly referred to as the “Soviet Safeway” because of its long lines and poor selection. I always thought the staff at that Safeway did their best in a small space but the nickname persisted.

  • JMo

    Did it used to be the Circle Odeon theater?

    • textdoc

      It was the Loews Cineplex Odeon Dupont Circle 5 when I came to this area in 1998.
      There was a Loews Cineplex Odeon Inner Circle and 23rd and M (I think) that became the (independent) West End theater and is now a Landmark theater. There was also a Loews Cineplex Odeon Outer Circle that I think was on Wisconsin Avenue a few blocks north of the Tenleytown Metro station.

  • Renee

    I think the theaters were called Cerberus.

    • jaybird

      Cerberus was on M St in Georgetown in the old Barnes&Noble building.


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