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Amazing Old Photos of the American Hostages Coming Home from Iran in January 1981

by Prince Of Petworth February 10, 2017 at 3:30 pm 6 Comments

hostages coming home
All photos by Pat Tomelden

Thanks to Tony T for sharing some amazing photos his father took of the American hostages coming home from Iran through Andrews Air Force Base in 1981. Tony’s father Pat (RIP) was a prolific amateur photographer and a professional pilot for Eastern Airlines.



More photos after the jump.

Anyone able to label this photo?



and here’s a bonus of National from 1967:


  • jaybird

    Makes me miss my “Ayatollah assaholla” t-shirt.

  • lorie

    These photos are WONDERFUL! Thank you for posting!!

  • CPT_Doom

    I’m a geek, but my favorite part was the shot of an AMC Concorde (the luxury model) in the first picture.

  • Guy on left, 4th pic down sure looks like Sen. Ed Muskie
    Wiki says he was involved in negotiations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmund_Muskie#Iran_negotiations

  • NoVaMan

    Timely. In 1979, Iranian women filled the streets of their capital in protest of the forced hijab, a totem of religious oppression and subjugation. In 2017, US women filled the streets of their capital and donned the hijab as an apparent act of liberation.

    • Vered

      What disingenuous distortion is this? Solidarity, No VaMan, not liberation.

      The non-Muslim women who temporarily donned the hijab in the women’s march were not adopting it for their own use but in support of the Muslim women who clothe themselves according to their own religious choice. While certainly no one wants Muslim women to be forced to wear it, those who choose to are not to be pressured to take it off by Islamophobic harassment such as that freely dealt out by DJT and supporters. The choice is hers, friend, not theirs, and certainly not yours.


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