• Michael Pierce

    Like almost everything else in DC there seems to be zero enforcement happening, so this doesn’t surprise me.

    • ah

      Although FAA, not DC cops, are the ones to enforce this.

      • ontarioroader

        US Park Police enforce the drone ban heavily on the National Mall. MPD probably could if they so chose, but as with many other laws, they probably most often decide not to.

  • ET

    Enforcement was always going to be spotty at best and relying on people to do the right thing is never going to be an effective way to police certain behaviors.

    As for this, I would consider this garbage if the owner can’t be bothered to retrieve it so I would just put it in the garbage can.

    • Anonymous

      More likely the owner can’t find it than can’t be bothered to retrieve it. I’d be inclined to trash it too though.

      • anon

        Handing it over to the authorities is better. Maybe if the FAA is handed an enforcement case, they’ll figure out the owner and fine them. This is important; it’s only a matter of time before a renegade drone hurts someone or at least damages some property. I’d say the drone violators weren’t really hurting someone and shrug it off if they weren’t apparently terrible at keeping track of their drones, but here we are.

  • jsauri

    Even if the folks aren’t taking it very seriously, at least your tree is!

  • ah

    Meanwhile a dad came home and had to explain his son’s christmas present had disappeared.

  • bruno

    “Oh give me a home, with a blue wanton drone. . . .”

    • INWDC

      “…where the donkeys, to elephants, bray…”

  • Al

    sucks, some kid just lost their Christmas gift..lol


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