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  • textdoc

    What is that — some kind of grill/toaster?

    • Leeran

      Bottom half of a panini press — they haven’t installed the top part yet.

  • LJ

    Solar panel for the wifi.

  • ET

    There is one of those on at the Eastern Market Metro plaza (on the north side across from the station and not on the block with the actual station entrance).

  • NH Ave Hiker

    the solar panel power is cool, the Park Service did that for a lot of interpretive signs (the ones that have audio) at their battlefields I’ve been to

  • GBinCH

    I’ve been wondering what this thing was!

    • mtpresident

      me too!

  • MadMax

    ETA before teenager / drunk smashes it?

    • anon

      It’s been there since October.

  • ZDHY5

    I like the techmology, but I’m curious as to opinions on why cities are investing in this. $2,500/bench seems like a lot for something that’s not really necessary or very useful to a lot of people, in my opinion.

    • Anon

      Did DC get some kind of grant to make these happen?

  • DownerD

    It’s been there awhile already— since summer at least. Not a huge fan. Rarely see anyone using it (it’s also a charging station) and tends to be more in the way of a normal foot traffic flow than anything.

    • MadMax

      If it’s providing WiFi service how would you see anyone using it?

      • DownerD

        hence the charging station comment in parens. But also don’t see people sitting on it.

  • mmm

    It was a nice sentiment but the placement is pretty disruptive for the farmer’s market. And the landscaping looks nice but removed a lot of space the neighborhood enjoyed during the warm months… the space attracted some unsavory activities (drunk dudes passed out) but if the motivation was to get rid of that I do wish they considered alternative methods…would have been nice had they solicited community input on this before they moved forward with it…

  • stegman

    Public wifi is unencrypted, and your data can be sniffed unless you’re using a VPN. Don’t transmit anything sensitive unless you’re navigating to a secure (https) web site.

  • Ben

    FYI These benches also charge your phone

  • BeHappy

    This is great IMO. A lot of guys used to charge their phones in the utility box right on Park there, so cool to have an actual charging station that people can use. With so much of life on the internet now it is great to provide it to low income folks.

  • resident

    I dont think it has wi-fi, just a solar powered charging station


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