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  • Lion of LeDroit

    Fake news :)

  • Lion of LeDroit

    Seriously tho, as someone who attended (and enjoyed) both the Bush and Obama inaugurations, this one is insanely under-attended. Crazy world we’re living in.

    • Easyenough

      If you’ve been to one of the last four inaugurations, this one would not be familiar. This was more to scale with something like the Stewart/Colbert event. I was also surprised how few of the unticketed that went through the trouble of the body search screening to get inside the large pen around the Washington monument weren’t wearing either Trump or Republican tribal wear. Definitely less than half, even if you include camouflage in the count. I have no idea where the inauguration money went…

      • I’m pretty sure the Stewart/Colbert event was better attended than this. Would be interesting to compare crowd estimates.

        • Yeah – Stewart/Colbert event was off the charts crowded. Partly due to officials underestimating the crowds, but just plain billions of people. With 50 years going to or watching mall events – I have some sense of it. (From “Resurrection City” to our whole high school camped out for a Pope’s visit – don’t remember which one – 1975ish?) I can say that today was a small turnout.

          • orders of magnitude matter

            If by “billions” you mean 215,000. Attendance at Obama’s first inauguration was 1.8 million.

  • Populist


  • Park Viewer

    There’s enough room on the mall today to set up a rousing snooker tournament. Wait, I meant lawn bowling. Lawn bowling for Jesus.


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