“I want to cover any damage to the other vehicle but not sure at all how to find the other driver.”

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2017 at 2:45 pm 11 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user William E Heaton IV

“Dear PoPville,

On New Year’s Day around 6 PM I made a u-turn at 3rd and D Street NW and nearly hit an SUV. The driver and I both got out of our cars and there appeared to be no damage to either vehicle. There was a group of guys standing on the corner who started to yell out and it didn’t feel like the safest place in DC to be. I asked the other driver if everything was okay and he said yes so with that I got in my car and left. When I got home there was a very light scrape (no dent at all) on the front left side of my car. I obviously want to cover any damage to the other vehicle but not sure at all how to find the other driver. Can you post and connect us if the driver responds?”

Per the usual, email princeofpetworth@gmail.com and I’ll connect you with OP.

  • Neighbor

    A lot of sketchiness in that neighborhood. The BLS employee some serious ne’erdowells, you were right to flee.

    • mvs

      Your snark is unwarranted. There’s a big homeless shelter at 400 2nd St. NW that apparently serves as a halfway house for people who have just been released from jail. I get monthly sex offender alerts as part of an identity alert, and although I’ve stopped reading them, every single report showed multiple offenders registering in that location. There is a lot of loitering nearby and I understand why OP got out of there — I wouldn’t want to be there outside of normal working hours, either.

      • Jen

        BLS is next to Union Station at North Capitol & Mass. Department of Labor is at that intersection.

  • DC Driver

    Once a driver hit my parked car and left a note. Turns out my insurance would have covered it in full with no deductible if the driver remained unknown. Since he left the note, they would apply the deductible.

    • Hill Denizen

      Would the other driver’s insurance not cover it? If not, why didn’t you just toss the note?

      • Anon Spock

        I’m guessing driver called in to report it then asked about it once they had the note on the record.

        • DC Driver

          Right, I had no idea of this policy, so of course let the insurance know, at which point they told me their little secret….

          In the end I agreed to just let the other driver go get the part on his own from a junk yard and install it himself. Nice low cost low hassle solution worked out fine in the end….

    • Anon

      Weird. My parked car was damaged in a hit-and-run, no note. My insuranc definitely still applied the deductible.

  • V

    This is nice of you. If you didn’t notice the scratch when you both got out to examine, then if there is any damage to the other vehicle, it’s likely just as minor. Nice of you to post this, hoping there is no need for a reunion!

  • ForgetAboutIt

    “I asked the other driver if everything was okay and he said yes”. I wouldn’t worry about it. For all you know, the scratch was on your bumper already and the only reason you noticed it was because you were looking.

  • Dang. Sorry that happened! Hope you find the other driver so you can square up and bank some good karma! And I hope your car is okay, too!


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