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by Prince Of Petworth January 18, 2017 at 10:40 am 64 Comments


Justin reports from 11th and L Street, NW Tuesday night:

“The cops pulled this guy over, only to egg him on to blast the music he was playing LOUDER.

He was blasting “Born in the USA” and “Hail to the Chief”.”

Ed. Note: If you need me I’ll be looking at photos of Bei Bei and drinking grain alcohol…

  • Leeran

    Eeek. This going to be rough.

  • skj84

    And this is why I’m staying in my neighborhood in NE this weekend. Not going anywhere near Downtown, Dupont, Foggy Bottom, Capitol Hill, or anyplace they would be.

    • Hookdntx

      same, West of north cap doesn’t really exist until Monday….

  • Yikes

    To egg him on?? Do we confirmation of that? I ask, because I’m already really freaked out by what’s coming into our city this weekend, I’d like to think some of our police will serve unbiased…

  • John

    “The cops pulled this guy over, only to egg him on to blast the music he was playing LOUDER.”

    Not sure I believe Justin.

    • Maybe they were trying to slap him with a noise violation? The DC Noise Control Act indicates that enforcement from MPD can lead to a $1000 fine or 10 days in prison, or both!

      • FridayGirl

        Yeah, I was wondering if it was sarcastic — like “Sure, go ahead and play it louder — and then you’ll really be in trouble.”
        Not sure how OP could have gotten close enough to hear the full conversation, especially with music.

      • facts

        enforce the law? lol.

    • anon29

      OP here. i have video of the officer requesting the driver to turn the volume up.

      • MsSunshine

        Fraternal Order of Police threw its weight behind Drumpf.

        • Anon

          DC’s FOP declined to endorse a candidate.

          OP — That is really unacceptable. Are you planning to file a complaint and/or provide that to MPD or the Office of Police Complaints?

  • n

    Looking forward to witnessing history regardless of the political affiliation of our next President.

    • textdoc

      Your other posts suggest that you’re looking forward to the inauguration _because_ of the next president’s political affiliation, not _regardless_ of it.

      • Thought

        Yeah, I caught that too. This is how they sneak in.
        Witnessing history? If they were students of history, they would be as terrified as the rest of us.

        • wdc

          I’m guessing that the historical moment of inaugurating the first woman president would not have been so exciting to n.
          But a rich white guy with despotic tendencies? Woo! History!

          • n

            It definitely would have been exciting.

      • n

        I actually never said that. I did not vote for Trump for what it’s worth.

    • andy2

      Enjoy – when they come for you, you better hope your not last.

  • No Bikes

    best of luck parking that thing.

  • Anonynon

    this weekend is going to be amazeeeeeeing lol

  • mvs

    He’s parked on 11th and K NW now — I passed him while walking to work this morning. “American Pie” was blasting. I briefly considered approaching him to suggest that Russian pop music might be more apropos, but I decided to let it go.

    • anon

      Tell him to grab some Pussy (Riot).

  • dumptrump

    I saw this trailer (or another one that looked exactly the same) a few weeks ago near the Capitol. The guy was trying to turn left and causing some crazy back ups on Constitution during rush hour. I forget the song that was playing at the time.

    • JohnH

      Wonder if it’s the same people that drive around the “abortion” images. That’s always a fun one.

  • samanda_bynes


  • GS

    Maybe MPD is hoping for a change in D.C’s Catch and Release program under the new administration? Hence the “egg him on”?

  • JohnH

    I wish liberals had a better sense of humor. It would be so easy to mock his supporters all weekend. For instance, a Putin mask with a “Welcome, Suckers” sign outside of a Metro stop. Simple and easy.
    And while I love the enthusiasm for the women’s march, I feel like they are making it so generic to remain “non-political”. These are 200,000+ people that should be going back home to actually do something to make a difference with these causes and that starts with local and state elections and then works its way to the US House and Senate. As Samantha Bee routinely points out, liberals are typically ineffective compared to conservatives – particularly in non-Presidential elections. Hopefully there is a ton of information gathered for these purposes, but given their track record on organizing this event, not counting on it.

    • AsAMother

      Oh ok

    • TW

      Disagree JohnH. I would bank that a progressive movement that could surpass the unrest of the 60’s is coming to a town near you. Civil rights activists didn’t have the remarkable power of social media. In fact, I believe this is the one good thing a Trump presidency can usher in… a rattling wake-up call to the moderate, empathetic, and socially responsible to engage. That being said, it is true that the conservative propaganda machine is pretty impressive in its ability to propagate misinformation. An approach most progressives disdain, unless it involves Donald’s penchant for water sports.

      • JohnH

        I absolutely hope it stirs up a lasting movement of people getting involved. But what made someone like Obama so effective was the amount of information he had on people. Clinton kind of had this, but also did not solidify her map. All of those (huge!) events Obama had collected information on every person attending. Obviously the knock on Obama was he didn’t share it very well to help state/local elections (and also for Congress). But if someone’s traveling from Iowa to this march – these are people who should have the enthusiasm to drum up political activism after the march as well. I think this is what’s been lacking – local activism to support local, state and national elections like House of Representatives. Let alone identifying candidates to even run. But I do not think this will be occurring from the (lack of ) organizing that’s been shown by this group so far.

        • Hill Denizen

          Preach. The Tea Party did their big DC anti-Obamacare rally then went home and raised money and ran candidates that either unseated more moderate members or put enough pressure on Republicans that they voted in their favor. Our side likes to think it’s too good to operate within the existing political system, so we march and yell, but don’t actually change anything.

          • navyard

            WTF does “preach” mean? Preaching to the choir as in you agree? Or what? Sorry, I’m not up to date on my cool-kid slang

          • saf

            “Preach” is the equivalent of “AMEN!”

        • MrDC

          If a group of men organized a march and didn’t know all of the exact logistics because they had to deal with a ton of bureaucracy and resistance then people would say “this is a great effort for all the obstacles the march faces.”

          Can anyone really call getting a bunch of people out of their homes to participate in 617 marches worldwide a lack of organization?

          Have you ever tried to get outside beltway friends and inside beltway friends together? IT’S NOT EASY.

          • kanon

            Preach. Also, it’s possible to march AND go back home and do something. These things are not mutually exclusive in any way, shape, or form. My sincere hope is that when people are back home, doing something, that they can pull inspiration from the march to keep them going when it invariably will get tough(er).

          • JohnH

            It has absolutely nothing to do with “women” doing it. If you go on their website, there’s so many details that say “this information is still being worked on”. There isn’t a map of the route. I never said it’s easy to organize, I’m sure it’s not. But that’s what had to do with my post – it’s a a giant mash-up of stuff going on with no central organizer it seems, like the Obama campaign’s efforts with their massive events. I said I hope they are going to use the information they DO gather to do good post-event. It’s a great event, don’t need to jump on me for hoping they exceed expectations and have a lasting impression.

    • jaybird

      So you’re not wearing a pussyhat right now?

      • JohnH

        Not today. It’s getting waxed for the weekend.

      • C

        You mean “right meow?”

    • susan

      I think liberals have a great sense of humor! in the marches/rallies i have attended so far in the past 8 or so years, there is nothing but humorous signs, shirts, etc

  • also anon

    I kind of think the guy that lit himself on fire in front of Trump Tower last night is more deserving of an “it’s getting real” post than this person.

    • also anon

      Correction: Outside Trump’s Hotel (not Tower)

    • FridayGirl

      I agree. I had a pretty visceral reaction to that.

    • PretzelThirsty

      Maybe he was carrying his mixtape?

  • Anon. no. 5

    A pet peeve of mine is that “Born in the USA” is not a happy or patriotic song (but it is a great song). It’s about the negative effects of the Vietnam war. I know, I know, Reagan played it at his campaign stops, but just because the name of the song implies patriotism, doesn’t mean the song means what they think it means. /rant

    • mayhem

      Yes! This is a great point. Not to mention that the author is vehemently anti-Trump.

      • mayhem

        *by author I mean songwriter.

    • JohnH

      Not to mention….the person who sings the song, let alone the cover band, is about as anti-Trump as you can get.

    • wdc

      Also, The Bruce HATES that the Republicans are using his song.

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      I know, if you listen to the lyrics it’s pretty obvious. People just ignore it and scream BORN IN THE USA!!! though.

    • Q

      Agreed, generally. But the lyrics actually support Trump’s populist narrative that the “real Americans” are being beaten down by The Man–born into poverty, sent off to war, returning to no support from the VA and no jobs–and we need to return to the idyllic 1950s when that only happened to women and minorities.

      • Stavros

        Nope. The lyrics offer no prescription at all, they are merely descriptive. You don’t get them, either.

        • Q

          I get them just fine, thanks. Perhaps you’re not getting how em dashes work. They wall off the description of the song from the rest of the sentence: the part within describes the lyrics, the parts outside describe Trump’s narrative and his solution. Would you have preferred parentheses? Sorry about that. I also should have put a “that” before “we need” to make it crystal clear to folks who rejoice to find any reason to nitpick.

    • Rich

      It’s always funny when they don’t know what “Born in the USA” is about.

    • saf

      There is an awful lot of song usage where folks fail to pay attention to the lyrics. It’s frustrating.

  • ST21

    Trump Train Rollin Thru

  • realist

    Many of your MPD officers were Trump voters and hail from Stafford County.

  • Eazy E

    If you would like to “view” this trailer in person, it was recently parked on the corner of 10th and NY Ave, NW.

  • Shawguy

    Heard that this guy hit a bus near 9th and O an hour ago.

  • Elb

    Playing BITUSA…it never, NEVER ceases to amaze me that people play this song thinking it’s a patriotic song. Obviously, they never listen to the lyrics just the chorus.

  • Jamie

    First of all, I am liberal married to a liberal DC cop and most of our friends are cops, and a lot of them are liberals too. They are not thrilled about protecting Trump for 4 years but they took a vow to serve and protect and MOST of them take that very seriously. So let’s please not generalize that the entire DC police force is fully comprised of Trump supporters. That’s simply not true.

    That being said, if you witness police officers showing any kind of preferential treatment to pro-Trump protesters or supporters this week, please get their badge number and report them for conduct unbecoming of an officer!! That’s a lot more effective than complaining on a blog. If they get reported, they will be investigated by Internal Affairs.

    • rowanmae

      Thanks for the information!

  • Fairmont

    The Boss does not approve. Not even a Springsteen COVER band will play the inauguration. I’m still with her. #NotMyPresident


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