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Giant Food Responds to Claims of Credit Card Tampering

by Prince Of Petworth January 11, 2017 at 10:40 am 12 Comments

3rd and H St, NE

In response to Monday’s post “Within 2 hours of each transaction, we each received fraud alerts from our banks”, Giant Food resonds:

“Protecting customer information is a top priority of Giant. We have processes and procedures to ensure that the equipment we use, including our payment terminals, are designed to be tamper-proof and comply with the requirements applicable to the security of customer data set forth by the major credit card companies. Our security team was sent to investigate the equipment at our H. Street store and found no evidence of tampering or compromise. We will continue working with our stores to ensure the safest environments for our customers. Customers who feel that their credit card information has been compromised should file a police report and notify their bank’s fraud department. Customers may also contact our Customer Care team at 888 469 4426, option 4, option 5 for any assistance.”

  • MadMax

    The original post stated that most of the fraud charges incurred occurred at the same Giant location. Did the security people track those purchases to footage in the store to at least catch the people responsible?

  • DC Anon

    Of course their equipment was not tampered with. It’s someone’s phone in their pocket utilizing NFC collecting the card info. I’ve seen Mr. Robot, I know how this works.

    • Kingman Park It

      I was under the impression that this isn’t possible with chip readers?

      • FridayGirl

        Here we go again…..

        • JoDa

          Pretty sure the first comment was sarcasm.

    • Anon5

      Only way that is possible is if you have a card with an RFID chip in addition to a normal EMV chip card, and they have been mostly phased out by the big banks. There are still a few private banks that issue them, however.

      It would be interesting to know what card of credit card we are talking about, since Chase and CapitalOne do not distribute cards that are NFC-capable.

      Of course, NFC range is only 2-4 inches so the thief would have to be very very close to steal your info.

  • Ben

    Reading through the other thread – it seems most likely someone was skimming cards elsewhere and using that giant to purchase gift cards with the stolen card #s (i.e., not stealing the cards there).

    • Hill Denizen

      The Popville poster noted that both he/she and their friend had shopped at the Giant and noticed the purchases shortly after.

      • Anon

        Sometimes something is just a coincidence. That the two friends shop at the same grocery suggests they probably have other similar routines. Or its just true coincidence. The timing between the shopping at Giant and the fraud alerts was awfully quick in the original story.

  • TropicBird

    Anybody else think maybe they should be investigating the cashiers & employees not just the equipment? Because it sounds like they didn’t find the source of the problem and they are putting it on customers to figure it out – or should I say, former customers.

  • OP here-I do appreciate Giant’s swift response. The store’s customer service rep called me, and while I haven’t had a chance to call back, I plan to do so shortly. And I do agree that, while there is no firm evidence that our information was compromised AT this store, it seems very suspicious that all the fraudulent charges on my card were at the same Giant that I shop at regularly. So, continue to check your statements and sign up for fraud protection, everyone!

  • Anon

    Just received credit card fraudulent charge notice. Last purchase made was at this giant. Looks like scammers were buying $100 worth of gas at multiple locations somewhere out in MD.


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