“Farewell President Obama & Diamond Joe Biden Rocking Taco Fiesta” at The Midlands then help support the House of Ruth after the Women’s March

by Prince Of Petworth January 12, 2017 at 11:40 am 26 Comments

3333 Georgia Ave, NW

From The Midlands:

“Jan 20th. Farewell President Obama & Diamond Joe Biden Rocking Taco Fiesta featuring live music from Katie Chambers and the band Nation. We will host the open bar party from 7 to 11 with endless tacos, prepper raffle and cutouts of Barry O & Diamond Joe.


“The Midlands would like to invite everyone to join us after the Women’s March to cover our windows & walls with your posters.


We also need your help to support the House of Ruth a local charity that helps women, children and families in greatest need and with very limited resources build safe, stable lives escaping domestic abuse and achieve safe housing, trauma recovery, mental health programs, addiction recovery, employment and abuse-free relationships.

All profits from Flying Dog Brewery drafts from 6P to 9P will be donated.

Fire Dancing performance by Revolutionary Motion


The Midlands will also be hosting Photographer Debbie Baxter who is bringing her Nest Project to our space. The Nest is a project that stems from the notion that as a human race, the universal Feminine and Mother have been wounded for a very long time. And, it shows up in all kinds of ways, in both genders, through various forms of abuse, self loathing, body hating, and extreme amounts of violence and hate crimes. The mission is to get as many people as she can to allow a part of themselves to be held in The Nest reconnecting to The Mother and to The Mother Earth. And, to honor and awaken the inner Feminine and inner Mother within us all. Portraits on this night will be on first come first serve basis. The following day, Jan 22nd portraits will be available via an online sign up sheet.

#thenestproject #womensmarch #menofwm”

  • siz

    dooooope. good on midlands!

    • MadMax

      Yeah, wise move on their part to distract from all the bad publicity they’ve been receiving about their search policy.

      • Leeran

        … is there actually “bad publicity”? It’s a small business trying to stop drunk patrons from stealing cool glassware. This was a total nothingburger at Dacha.

        • MadMax

          There was a 300+ comment Reddit post about it, along with a City Paper article on it. Think of those outlets what you will, but both were full of commentary slamming the bar for the policy and people stating they would never visit it because of it.

        • flieswithhoney

          I’d say there’s definitely bad publicity. The post on the bag policy led me to visit midlands’s yelp page which showcases the owner’s combative attitude. Mocking customers/reviewers on his facebook feed? No thanks.

  • Park View Resident

    Won’t be going here as long as their policy of searching customers is in place.

    • Anonymous

      They search all their customers? I feel like I would have heard about that if it were true. Can you elaborate?

      • Peyton (owner)

        We have a bag check policy to help deter theft. If you have a large bag upon exiting the door guy will ask you to open it and glance inside. We have been having a LOT glassware walk out the door. We really don’t like doing it either, but it was getting too expensive to keep replacing glassware.

        • Peyton (owner)

          Also. We don’t do it every day. Just on busier (thurs fri sat) nights.

        • Anonymous

          Got it, thanks for responding. I had not heard about this.

          • Anonymous

            Will also add that this would not keep me away.

        • Michael Pierce

          Good for you! I’m all in support of this and can’t wait to try out your bar. You spend a lot on nice glassware, and some of your patrons who, if they could afford a night out drinking at your bar, could most certainly afford to go home and buy the same glassware online, are walking out with it. Almost like they’re entitled to a souvenir. I know the type.

        • albany

          Is there a discount on beer if I pay only in dimes?

      • MadMax
        • P

          wow. Jerk review, and total asshole response. Bar reviewers and owners are pathetic. How repulsive.

    • Kingman Park

      When did they implement that?

    • LittleBluePenguin

      Search them for what?

      • Peyton (owner)

        A good time :-D

        Just kidding. We don’t “search” anyone. On busier nights if someone has a larger bag the door guy will ask to glance inside to check for glassware. It’s just become too expensive to keep replacing stolen glassware. Sadly some folks are really turned off by this and I totally get it. I wish we didn’t have to do it either. It wasn’t a decision we came to lightly.

        • Kingman Park

          Have you caught people in the act as they were leaving the bar? And if so, are they banned?

        • MadMax

          I’m just curious, have you actually caught anyone so far with this method? And can you quantify “a lot of glassware” dollar-wise? It would be interesting to know what the threshold is for a business who decides to implement a very controversial policy.

    • Leeran

      I don’t see this keeping people away — Dacha did the same thing for a long time (not sure if they still do) and it was reasonable given that they were losing a lot of money on stolen glasses.

      It’s either something like this, or jacking up prices for everyone else.

      • DupontDC

        Was about to say the same thing. Dacha used to do the same thing, but I haven’t been there in almost two years so I don’t know the policy now.

        • MadMax

          Here’s the statement from Dacha about this type of thing:
          “We (Dacha) stopped taking IDs because it is entirely counterproductive. It slows down everything. And people forget their ids. We posted a sign at the gates that says: We may ask you to open your bag when you leave….It is patron’s choice to open their bag or not. Gatekeepers are not allowed to touch or rammage through patrons’ bags at any time. I don’t think many people who think stealing glasses is a petty, small crime realize that if they get caught by police (who are frequently very close) they may be charged with not only stealing, but also with carrying an open alcohol container in public. And for those who don’t know, our boots are on the menu for sale in case you want to take one home.”

    • uppermostnorthwest

      This is common practice at other places around DC, specifically for larger bags/backpacks. I don’t think it will be a large deterrent for people still interested in support Midlands.

  • jcm

    If a bar insisted on searching my bag when I was leaving I wouldn’t go there again. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but there’s plenty of good places to grab a drink, and lots of them manage to stay in business without treating their customers like a bunch of criminals.

    I suppose I’ll go there at least once and pick up the glasses that they owe me (from the fundraiser), but if they ask to search my bag I won’t be back to take advantage of my dollar off per pint or whatever I’m supposed to get.

  • Corrine

    HEYY if anyone has a ticket they won’t use, please text me! I’ll venmo for an emailed ticket. 412-335-9398


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