Midlands Beer Garden Grand Opening Nov. 12th – Check Out the Space

by Prince Of Petworth November 4, 2016 at 12:40 pm 12 Comments

unnamedPhotos courtesy of Midlands, 3333 Georgia Ave, NW

Well this was worth the wait! Huge score for Park View and Georgia Ave. Thankfully the warm weather has been sticking around too. The owners tell me that Grand Opening is Saturday Nov. 12th at 6pm with the band Justin Trawick & The Common Good.

Thanks to all who sent emails about the soft opening last night. I’m told there will be a few more soft opening before Nov. 12th so those that live nearby may have a chance to see it person soon. It looks huge and when the colder weather finally does arrive, check out how sweet the inside turned out (also with a huge bar, dart boards and tvs):


Many more photos inside and outside after the jump.












  • TX2DC

    Awesome. :-) I’m very excited to try this place. It looks like a nice, low-key alternative to other overrun beer gardens around DC.

  • Formerly ParkViewRes

    This is sooooo close to my house in DC! I hope we can go next time we’re back. It looks awesome! I do wonder how it’s going to go with all the guys that hang out on Morton and Park Morton in general.

    • stacksp

      Wondering the same. Guess they may stop in to grab a beer since its so convenient.

    • Peyton

      Have had nothing but good experiences with everyone in the neighborhood. Everyone had been very welcoming.

    • Your house is only 2 feet closer than mine ;)

  • Anon H St.

    Looks AWESOME! I wasn’t expecting so much indoor space

  • Ben

    Was there last night – it’s a pretty sweet place. It’s going to be paaaaacckeeddd all the time when the Alco apartments open up! In fact last night it was pretty full – lots of people are excited about this place

  • guest1

    strange question, but does it have anything other than beer? I know it is a beer garden, but some of us can’t drink beer. One or two wines or even bottled or draft root beer would suffice.

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      Yes, the owner has commented on other stories saying there will be wine.

      • Peyton

        Correct! It should be delivered today

        • guest

          unfortunately the wine is by the bottle only

          • Comment Artist

            But you don’t have to drink it out of the bottle. They provide wine glasses.


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