The Don’s Johns Coverup Continues Part Three “a third porta-potty company without their logo taped over”

by Prince Of Petworth January 19, 2017 at 3:25 pm 8 Comments


I told you I would not restEd. Note: This series is really upsetting the “I didn’t vote for Trump but I’m here to defend the sanctity of the inauguration” crew. I will therefore continue to continue it. PS so many Hawk photos came in today – keep on keeping them coming too!! Anyway, a reader reports:

“Walked down to the White House this morning to say farewell and thank you to the Obamas and found a third porta-potty company – “Johnny on the spot” – without their logo taped over.

But I did also find a bigger Don’s Johns trailer-bathroom left uncovered. For what it’s worth – it didn’t look like this one would be open to the public.”

Somebody alert the commandant!


  • TinkerTaylor

    If I’d had the foresight to incorporate “Barack’s Pissoirs” or “Hillary’s Heads” I’d have landed the whole damn contract – though there’s surely some karmic price for accommodating this man’s paper-thin skin.

  • MsSunshine

    Alert the commandant, indeed.

  • Ben

    You seem to be firing on all cylinders this week Dan. Well done. I at least look forward to reading your coverage this weekend….

  • Smrtcar

    Incorporate Trump’s Dump Huts, because when you gotta go, Maralago.

    • SG


  • mcd

    A little lost on this whole thing tbh. Were they being taped over so as not to offend the pres elect because his name was on them? Or were they trying not to advertise him in order to not be associated w DJT in general. What is the alleged conspiracy here? Seems like the implication is that they are taping them over to be respectful of DJT and not have his name on the toilets, though if we have learned anything it is that he will likely say “Look…I own everything, even the toilets have my name on them!”

    • DC_tenner

      Those Port-a-Dons are the best.

  • B

    Keep up the great investigative work – and that on the Trump-mobiles. Loving the coverage (no pun intended re: the Dons Johns coverup :) ).


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