Athena Grill coming very soon to Upper 14th Street

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2017 at 10:22 pm 15 Comments

4720 14th Street, NW

This is the former pizzeria and hookah bar near Highlands Cafe. Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“Excited to have some (hopefully) good Greek food in the neighborhood!”

They also send more details from Rob Pigott who runs the Community Alliance for Upper 14th Street:

“The 4700 block of 14th St NW will have a new restaurant opening it’s doors this coming weekend…..I stopped by last evening and met the owners of the ATHENA GRILL. The business owners are the same family who operates La Villa Pizzeria (located at 14th & Crittenden). I expect that they will open their doors no later than March.

Also, on that same block (two doors down), Las Placitas will be opening, hopefully BEFORE March.”

Updates as they get closer to opening.


  • Anonymous

    Las Placitas will be agame-changer for this strip. I’m hopeful Athena will too. No doubt people have been clamor I guess for a Greek deli (or Jewish!), but the food will need to be top notch. With more and more eating options in the area, it’s incumbent on owners to provide quality and friendly service if they want to be successful. Kudos to CAUFS for trying to revitalize all of upper 14th St. This strip is on the verge!

  • ZetteZelle

    I’m very fond of the staff at La Villa; I hope that the folks at Athena enjoy their jobs as much as the folks at La Villa do. Hopefully one owner having two small eateries on the same block will give them economies of scale–I really want this new venture to succeed!

  • neighbor

    This location really lends itself to restaurants since it’s one of the very few North of U Street with daytime traffic (the bus barn). I think things will really start to grow on that strip

    • A

      I think the momentum continues to build up 14th St and i actually think there is more potential north of the Columbia Heights metro near Taqueria Habenero/Littlw Cocos/Red Derby and Highlands/Athena Grill. Cheaper rent, still close to metro and less of a sh*t show. Lots of large residential developments happening so it’s only a matter of time before retail catches up.

      • Anondad

        The area around Highlands / La Villa / Athena has been booming with young families moving up from Columbia Heights, U St., Adams Morgan, Mt. Pleasant, etc. Lots of momentum there.

  • Guillermo Brown

    Now we just need a dedicated coffee shop/roastery!

    • neighbor

      Highlands is fantastic ambiance and food, although obviously not really a destination for good coffee.

    • divebar311

      There’s a new coffee shop at 14th and Otis, four blocks from here.

      • Fourteen

        You mean 14 blocks from here. Which is a mile, and not really the same neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      The neighborhood is dying for an alternative to Qualia. I will buy beans there, but the space is too small to enjoy coffee with friends or do work. Plus the food options are lacking.

  • A

    This is great! I live in the new condo building across from red derby and my husband and I constantly remark that this area is desperate for a good coffee house- not a restaurant that happens to sell coffee. A olde you can work read meeting a friend etc.

  • Anon

    Whatever came of the restaurant Popville posted about awhile back in that neighborhood, Upstate Tavern? If memory serves, it sounded fantastic.

  • Robert Pigott

    Mr. Silverman,

    For clarification, here is the actual text that I posted last evening on the CAUFS (Community Alliance For Upper Fourteenth Street) FB group page……

    “The 4700 block of 14th St NW will have a new restaurant opening it’s doors this coming weekend…..I stopped by last evening and met the owners of the ATHENA GRILL (located at 4720 14th St). As per the menu photos, there’ll be an adequate number of healthy options. Be sure to patronize this new business at your convenience…..
    Also opening very soon….just a few doors down from the Athena Grill….will be Las Placitas. Their location on Barracks Row (SE) over the years has proven to be very successful. Let’s do what we can as a community to support and help guarantee the success of these businesses.”

    Also, I’m the 1st Vice Chair of CAUFS. Audrey Nwanze is the Chair…..

    Thanks for posting info about the Athena Grill on the Popville website….

    My best,

    Rob Pigott

  • 16th Steet Heights Neighbor

    I stopped by today. The food was tasty, fresh, and affordable. The rice pudding was excellent. A great addition to the neighborhood!

  • Hungry neighbor

    They don’t seem to have a Yelp page yet, so I thought I’d post here. My husband and I stopped by this weekend and planned to eat in, but the ambiance seemed better for takeout (counter ordering, bright lights, otherwise empty). The restaurant looks great – clean, cheerful, bright. $25 for two platters, which could have fed four people between the mains, pita and side salad. I thought the vegetarian platter was great; dolmades, falafel, great tzatziki and hummus. My husband liked his beef dish, but wasn’t as big a fan of the rice. Overall, really welcome addition for takeout, and I hope it becomes more of a sit-down place over time.


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