• Shawn

    Cool, I was wondering if you’d ever post about this place! Will be neat to try the pizza

    • Prince Of Petworth

      If you’re ever wondering if I’ll post about a place – please send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail I appreciate it.

  • andy

    we got the margarita pizza last night and checked the place out.

    pizza was good.

    the place is takeout and delivery only, but they do have a nice side area that is fenced in. maybe with a little success they’ll open that up with some tables or something when there is good weather.

    • Anonymous

      so few places ever change like that though.

  • Sbats

    I got their BBQ wings. THEY ARE GREAT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Had the pizza- fresh dough and toppings- yum! will be going back often. Plus we are SUPER thrilled to have a local pizza joint- I would really love it if they do open that side area – even if just for people to sit and eat their pizza. tap beer would seal the deal…. I think I would faint.


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