Trying to Harness All This Energy in a Positive Way – Looking for Volunteer Opportunities?

by Prince Of Petworth — November 9, 2016 at 12:45 pm 16 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

Many of us in the community are shocked and saddened by the outcome of the presidential election. I want to do my part by helping those who will be most vulnerable in the times that lie ahead. Can you do a post to solicit meaningful volunteer opportunities in our neighborhoods?”

Ed. Note: Yesterday we mentioned sandwich making in support of the Central Union Mission this Friday.

  • Catharsis

    This event has been planned for a long time, but the timing is now quite serendipitous: https://www.catharsisonthemall.com/ (and you can volunteer to help!)

  • mt

    I have started taking an hour on weekends to pick up trash in my neighborhood. Nothing formal but temporarily makes the street a bit more pleasant and safe, and I hope leads to longer-term, positive community building (encourages other neighbors to do likewise, and fewer people to throw trash around if there is less trash to start with).

  • The DC Abortion Fund is always looking for volunteers who are ready to help improve access to reproductive health care. Abortion coverage and access is likely to get kicked in the teeth even further, and we serve all of DC, Maryland, and Virginia, so that’s a lot of ground to cover. Donate your time/talent/treasure — we can use it all (and we’re an all-volunteer org, so your efforts go directly to the patients we serve). We’re at dcabortionfund.org.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      Thank you – I’m checking this out now

    • kgfrench

      I just signed up on the DC Abortion Fund site to volunteer. I wasn’t aware you existed until I started googling for some reproductive rights causes. Love what you’re doing.

  • Kon8th

    You can volunteer to help children and youth and refugees through Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area: http://lssnca.org/get_involved/. I work in refugee resettlement, I made the switch when I became so disgusted by some of the rhetoric thrown around this year. Harnessing anger for good now!

  • Megan

    DC needs Child Advocates to support undocumented immigrant children. especially if you’re bilingual: http://theyoungcenter.org/act/volunteer/

    • Ashley

      Thanks, Megan. I emailed them to get more information.

  • wp

    Help immigrants learn English, job skills, and study for their citizenship exam: http://www.washingtonenglish.org/

  • Anonymous

    I understand just how the poster feels, and it would be amazing if those of us who are disappointed with this election could turn it into a movement to take real actions to help out the communities we’re afraid will be further marginalized in coming years. Got an email from A Wider Circle just this morning about their Wraparound Support Program, which matches a small group of volunteers with a family to provide advice and support (logistical/social, not financial) for the family’s full needs, from jobs and housing to healthcare and schools. AWC also does job training and provides household goods and other basic needs to families. I can’t recommend them enough to anyone looking for a charity to support. http://awidercircle.org

  • sbc

    If you want to work with young people and their families

    Generation Hope: college scholarships and mentors for teen parents

    Homeless Children’s Playtime Project

    DC127: supporting families at risk of entering the child welfare system as well as foster and adoptive families. It is Christian, but I am not and have found it accepting.

    Or your local DC public school: do the clearance process indicated at http://dcps.dc.gov/page/volunteer-our-schools and then contact the principal of schools near you. Or if you don’t want to do the clearance, ask the PTA if there’s stuff you can do that doesn’t have direct contact with kids, like organizing fundraisers or making copies of notices to go home.

    • missy

      I second DC 127 – I am Christian, but the families served do not have to be, nor is there any pressure for them to attend church/ascribe to beliefs; it’s really just neighbors helping neighbors in time of need and giving resources and assistance to families that would otherwise be at risk of being torn a part by the foster care system. I have been volunteering for over a year and am just in awe of how small acts of help can impact children and their caregivers.

  • Amy M

    Please check out The Homeless Children’s Playtime Project (http://www.playtimeproject.org). I’ve been a volunteer at the DC General shelter for nearly 3 years, working with teens, but there are opportunities to work with kids of all ages, 6 months and up. It’s a phenomenal program. The next volunteer training is November 16th. We need you!

  • DCjoe

    If you have specific skills like legal or financial, you might want to think about serving on a charter school board. This organization matches people to schools with relevant needs on their boards. Great way to have a positive impact on kids in DC.


  • Anon

    Check onebrick.org
    They have local volunteer opportunities by day of the month. You can explore various agencies without much commitment so you can explore a good fit for yourself.

  • Chris

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