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“They are protesting the guy Trump said might lead the EPA, a vehement climate change denier.”

by Prince Of Petworth — November 18, 2016 at 3:45 pm 9 Comments


A reader reports just after 3:30pm:

“Just ran into this protest. They were walking East on K Street, turned North on Vermont, then East on L Street and ultimately stopped in front of 1310 L St NW. My friend told me:

“They are protesting the guy Trump said might lead the EPA, a vehement climate change denier. He works in that building, but is off today.”


  • DB

    They are protesting Myron Ebell: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myron_Ebell

    • Anonymous

      Wow, he’s not even a scientist?!? I would love to know what his qualifications are, aside from being a PR dude and hoovering up money from the energy lobby. What a joke.

      • gotryit

        This is my shocked face 😐

  • anon

    Think it’s Georgetown and AU students according to the WaPo.

  • JohnH

    Don’t think know that nobody important in DC works on Fridays. They flee back to where they’d rather be, but can’t get a job that overpays them so much.

    • JohnH

      Yeesh….*Don’t they..

  • Duponter

    Think of every appointee for every major position and it seems DJT has lined up the absolute nightmare candidate for each of them.

    Goldman Sachs ex-execs for Treasury/Commerce (fine, many Wall Streeters get this gig, but it’s shocking considering how Trump painted Hillary as a Wall Street crony for the last year)
    Sessions for AG (a known racist to lead the the department in charge of protecting civil rights)
    Ebell for EPA (non-scientist climate change denier)
    Palin for Interior (drill baby, drill!)
    Pompeo for CIA (supports wire tapping and is a racist)
    Huckabee for Israeli Ambassador (only cares about Israel because of the war that will lead to the Rapture)

    This is a complete shit show. I understand hesitations over Hillary, but COME THE F*** ON PEOPLE.

    • NH Ave Hiker

      Yea it’s going to be bad.

  • Mickey’s BFF

    Yay! Wish I could leave the office to join them!


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