Readers Also Report Shots Fired in Petworth Monday Night

by Prince Of Petworth — November 22, 2016 at 9:25 am 8 Comments

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In addition to the shots fired around 11th and Lamont Street, NW in Columbia Heights last night, readers report around 10:20pm:

“gunshots near shepherd and Kansas”

“I live at 8th and Upshur and could totally hear them.”

“agreed, one and then a bunch in succession”

  • Anonymous

    This section of Kansas Avenue is dark and a little foreboding. Gun play in the this city is out of control. I’d like to see Bowser reorganize MPD with more focus on investigations into gangs and narctotics. How’s she handles public safety in the next year will determine my vote.

    • jonah

      If you live on or near any excessively dark streets you can put in a 311 request for better lighting. While installation of new light fixtures may not be a short-term option they can increase light wattage at existing poles. Each pole has a yellow and black band around it with an ID number you can use to identify which pole you want upgraded. Also props where they are due, DDOT has been replacing burned out bulbs within 48 hrs if not less on numerous 311 reports I have placed.

    • Guillermo Brown

      I think it’s worth noting that there is an approved redevelopment from a few years ago that encompasses the Shell station on the corner of Upshur and Georgia, as well as the dark warehouse behind Yes organic. With all the activity on the east side of Upshur, and new developments north and south of here on Georgia, it’s a shame that this corner can’t be development because of Mary Cheh’s moratorium on the sale of gas station properties for redevelopment. Not sure if the link will work, but here is the BZA site for the approved project. Architectural rendering link on the right side of the page.

  • neighbor

    That section of Kansas could definitely use more lights

  • Anon

    Whoa, lots of gunshots in DC this week. Maybe kids out for thanksgiving break/former residents visiting for the holidays?

  • Dana

    I live near the Lincoln Cottage and I, too, heard the gunshots in Petworth at 10. It was A LOT of shots. At least eight.

    • TS

      The gas station at this corner was in the pipeline to be developed into a large, mixed-use building including some low income housing. However, Council Member Mary Cheh pass a short-sighted moratorium on gas stations being developed in DC. This despite the face their are two other gas stations within two blocks of this area and 8+ within 6 blocks. I’m sorry Mary Cheh has a political vendetta against the guy that owns a bunch of gas stations in DC, but it’s unfair to residents. There were even plans drawn up! The owner wants to sell, but can’t. We need more housing in this city – not gas stations.

  • Shepherd Street Anon

    I live about half a block away and heard about 7 shots. Last week I saw cops chasing a suspecting down Shepherd so this isn’t too shocking to me. Also cops we’re looking for bullet casings next to my house about 3 weeks ago. So some more police presence patrolling the area would be nice.


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