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    It must be that time of the year when Ed Hanlon starts littering the neighborhood with campaign signs. This is the same guy who according to Greater Greater Washington “had a history of drama in the neighborhood, once getting a protective order filed against him during an ongoing argument with a neighbor over an outdoor deck.” No wonder he needs signs with giant rats.

    • Teddy

      What’s wrong with not wanting a giant elevated patio near your house?
      Serious question.

      • Anonymous

        Who said there was anything wrong with not wanting a giant elevated patio near your house?

      • Andrea

        Teddy, Have you’ve seen ED’s roof barn? Seriously.

      • Diver

        There’s nothing wrong with that when you are directly affected but “Ed’s” sues and stalks neighbors who aren’t even near him. It’s also strange considering he has a roof barn that is an eyesore from the street and towers over the rest of the neighborhood, affecting their light, air, and privacy. Before he sues other people, he should probably get his own house in order.

      • Wally

        The answer is don’t move next to a house with a deck off the back. The dispute was over replacing a pre-existing deck. And it was hardly a “giant elevated patio.”

      • Swann

        Ed’s neighbor, who built the roof deck, had all the necessary permits and licenses to do so. Ed has a similar (actually larger and more obvious) roof deck in his own house, but that didn’t stop Ed from suing his neighbor. Ed was squarely defeated and actually appealed the decision, where he was again unanimously defeated.

        Roof decks for me, but not for thee! That should be Ed’s campaign slogan.

  • Issa Cox

    Did someone just shout LIMERICK SONNET CONTEST!?! 

How desperate with all of those signs
And the lies that he tells to malign

    Nocturnally he howls

    Like a banshee moving bowels, and

    Old Rocky growls at the swine

    No corner, post, intersection

    Is spared of signs in every direction

    Still he will lose

    And clean up this abuse

    Not succeeding at buying this election

    And then he’ll return to his blight
Screaming “Rocky I’m not happy” at night
Suing all that live near

    Hating and spreading fear

    Of the bully that seeks a court fight

    Life’s too short to let bullies run free

    Elect Scott, and let others be

  • Jimmy

    Is Ed a rat?

  • Anon

    Ugh. This guy has littered our neighborhood with more huge signs, pamphlets and door hangers than I’ve seen in a senate race in a swing state! He did it two years ago as well and it was just as annoying. I don’t know a lot about ANC’s, but I’m not voting for “Ed”.

  • FridayGirl

    Despite all the grumpy comments above, you have to admit the signs are pretty hysterical.

    • Diver

      What’s hysterical is that someone would spend $5k for an ANC race. Makes you wonder why he wants it so bad. Maybe it’s because, given his 30 year history, he wants a bigger platform to sue and stalk his neighbors.

  • Ben

    Very Julius Hobson….

  • Ariel

    The littering is out of control and the neighborhood looks like trash. I’m not votting for ED.

    • Swann St resident

      For the record two years ago I saw someone taking all of Ed’s signs and handouts and throwing them on the street and sidewalk from doors and cars — and it was not Ed. Most likely one of his competitors.

      • Diver

        Perhaps it was one of his neighbors. I’ve noticed that non of his neighbors on Swann are supporting him. Pretty much all of Swann St seems to be supporting his opponent. Makes you wonder why?

  • Truxton Thomas

    His last name—the thing people look for on the ballot—is like the smallest thing on the sign.

  • dcnyma

    Think his campaign could have picked out a more menacing rat for the sign. It’s so bright-eyed and, well, alright not bushy-tailed, but clean. Perhaps even adorable?

    • ehdc

      I agree! Rat could have been much more menacing. I also feel some other missed opportunities for rhyming… this sign practically shouts – “Want ’em dead? Better vote Ed!” Alas, no sense of humor in campaigns these days.

  • Concerned Neighbor

    As someone who was relentlessly pursued by this guy for building a roof deck (which cannot be seen from the street) and which had all proper permits and licenses, I can say that he is a horrible neighbor and would be a disaster for the ANC. He challenged my deck to the BZA, then filed a Motion for Reconsideration at the BZA (which is almost never done), and then took it all the way to the DC Court of Appeals. He filed countless briefs with all kinds of novel theories and was incessantly taking photos of my house to build his case. Each time, though, he lost unanimously at the BZA and courts. This took many years to play out and cost me significant legal expenses. The irony is that he has a barn on his roof that is completely our of the character of our historic neighborhood. He is allowed to keep it due to grandfathering, but it is an eyesore and it is a complete joke that he says he is running to preserve the historic character of our neighborhood. He spent thousands of dollars on his campaign last year and still lost 2-1. His obsessive campaigning and campaign literature knows no bounds.

    If you live in ANC 2B09 (S St to U Street, 14 – 17th Streets) please consider his opponent, Scott Davies. Scott is truly a consensus builder. He is also a Commander in the Reserves and he pilots planes for City Dogs Rescue to rescue dogs from high kill shelters. The choice could not be more stark.

  • Previous Neighbor

    This man has filed multiple lawsuits on several neighbors! This poster is when art imitates life! #DiryRat #DirtyANC #DumpHanlon

    • previous previous neighbor

      Anyone who files a lawsuit on a neighbor is guilty of being a bad person! Because none of those lawsuits could possibly have been filed for justifiable reasons!

      • Diver

        Considering he never ever wins, that’s about right. Either that or he’s just an incredibly bad lawyer.

      • Concerned Neighbor

        First, he never ever had any discussion with us about any concerns he had about our deck. Instead he just called inspectors all the time (even though we had all necessary permits).
        Second, his arguments were all novel concepts and he had no legitimate claim. That is why he lost every round.
        Third, he harassed us continually taking invasive photos of our property.
        So, yeah he had the right to do it legally, but it was a huge waste of time and resources for both city, for us, and it is a good example of why he should not be the ANC Commissioner.

      • Wally

        If you look at Ed’s resume on his website, you will see that he was once the president of a union and an employee at the census bureau. What he does not mention is that he was voted out as president of his local after a short tenure, so he then sued several fellow employees for slander after they accused him of only serving his own self interest as president. That case went all the way up to the Maryland Court of Appeals. He was later expelled from his union as well when he tried to organize a new union to compete against the one he was ousted from. He was shortly after fired by the census bureau for filing dozens of suits, complaints and appeals against the agency. All of this led to multiple suits that ended up before two different federal circuit courts. This all happened at just about the time he moved into the neighborhood and starting suing multiple of his neighbors in a series of loosing lawsuits and administrative hearings that ended up costing his neighborhoods thousands of dollars even though they eventually were vindicated. I’ve practiced law for over 30 years in DC and in my opinion Ed’s behavior should have gotten him disbarred – let alone disqualify him from being on the ANC.

  • It wasn’t me

    Let’s do Ed Haikus (much easier)

    Lawsuits for roof decks
    Screams at night, stalking – guilty
    Hide yo kids and wife

    • Haiku Lonic

      Driving a Hummer,
      registered in Maryland.
      Yo, what’s up with that?

  • Caroline St.

    As a neutral but observant neighbor, I agree that Scott Davies is the only sensible choice. He was asked by the neighborhood to run for ANC because people were so concerned about the damage “Ed!” would do if elected. Scott generously and enthusiastically agreed to run and represent our interests intelligently, neutrally, and responsibly. He is in the military reserves and is an honorable guy. Vote Davies for ANC.

  • Current neighbor

    Please, members of the 2b09 community, do not let profligate “ED” and his bogus, trumpesque claims about solving the rat problem, or solving the traffic problem, or solving the parking problem (he parks his illegally registered in Maryland Hummer behind his house), sway your vote. Our ANC commissioner should be available to represent us to the city bureaucracy, but living near him gives me the creeps and I can’t imagine petitioning him for help with any problem. We will be voiceless and the commission left (more) dysfunctional.

  • Swann

    Ed is widely despised by all of his neighbors, and for good reason: his neighbor across the street was forced to get a restraining order taken out against Ed due to his bizarre behavior:


    Walk down the 1500 block of Swann, where Ed lives–his house is the only one with Ed signs. Everyone else is supporting Scott.

    He is an awful neighbor and a genuinely strange person. I strongly encourage anyone reading this to not vote for him.


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