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  • hillyeah

    if you have information, you should always contact the police rather than names listed on a flyer. hope he is found safe and sound.

    • MR

      Or maybe you could do both.

      • SCC

        Respectfully, no, not ‘maybe both’ – Maybe I am jaded from working in law enforcement, but you don’t know who posted or why, law enforcement is the safest and only avenue that should be used. You don’t know who is posting. Hoping he is found soon.

        • MR

          Do criminals really go through the time and effort to print out fliers of people they’re looking for and then post these fliers all over town with their phone numbers? No offense, but that sounds kinda paranoid and something from out of Breaking Bad. Can you point me to links where something like this has happened?

          • SCC

            Only meant it’s always safer to deal with the police. Likelyhood that this is someone with ulterior motives, is of course low. However, why put yourself in that situation. I went right to the idea of someone who might have witnessed something that was criminal, or this being someone who doesn’t want to be found (hence, jaded) – I personally would want to report knowledge to the police.

          • MR

            @SCC Gotcha, thanks for replying and I appreciate your perspective.

    • SCC


  • Anon

    How awful. I hope he is found safe!

  • Zman

    Thoughts and prayers he is found alive and well.

  • Ke

    I’m so sorry. Have you been able to pull security footage from any of the businesses in the neighborhood? Even if he didn’t go in, an outward facing camera may catch him walking by. You’d want to move quickly, though, before any footage is erased.

  • hopeyoufindyourbrother

    I am sure this is just a very odd coincidence but your brother’s features are similar to Ariel the missing manager at Annie’s Ace Hardware. I am obviously not privy to the particulars of that case but that it is the first thing I thought of when I saw his picture.

    Ariel was last seen (i think) within just a mile of this location and in October. He too just vanished.


    • Update?

      I’m curious, is there any update on Ariel?

      Best wishes to the family and friends of both missing persons

  • Lisa

    (((((hugs))))) and \\\\\\prayers///////

  • Soooooooooooo Happy!

    Red Rocks has a camera pointed at the intersection. You might ask to see their footage.

    I hope he’s found soon.

  • Linc Park SE

    Good luck – -also try the jail (or Court cases online) 0 – limited opportunity for phone calls when you are an intake.

  • anon

    That is terrible – hoping for the best for this family.

  • edgycoolness

    I would remove his birth date from the flyer, it could cause identity thief, his age will suffice.

    • textdoc

      Was thinking along the same lines.


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