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  • PoPoverwork

    The beginning of that video is painful- it is the voice equivalent of black face.

    • artemis


    • NH Ave Hiker

      I really didn’t see it that way – more of just a doofy voice

      • Marty

        FWIW, me too. sort of “dumb criminal” voice.

      • Truxton Thomas

        I thought it was rather Uncle Remus-ish. Separately, it’s interesting that this video outpaces his others in total views by a factor of roughly 1,000.

    • AMDCer

      Exactly, I almost stopped watching right there.

    • MadMax

      Yeah, we should definitely be upset at the guy who had packages stolen from his porch.

      • textdoc

        Did you watch/listen to the video?

        • MadMax

          Yes, I did, and the fact that people are focused on a bad voiceover rather than someone who so cavalierly and likely repeatedly steals things that other people paid for is what I find truly “cringe-worthy”. I hope none of those same people ever bemoan DC’s lack of prosecutorial vigor.

          • ChenChen


    • textdoc

      Agreed on the vocal equivalent of blackface. It’s just ugly.
      Two wrongs don’t make a right. The video-er’s attitude doesn’t excuse the other guy’s package theft — not by a long shot — but jeez. He seriously doesn’t understand why someone as strung-out-seeming as the thief might want to steal something — i.e., that it might get him a few bucks to buy more of whatever he’s on??

    • CL Richmond

      TOTALLY AGREE re: black face voice. Ugh.
      But the rest of the video, especially the confrontation, was very compelling (if not a little scary).

  • Moe

    This guy is going to get annihilated in the comments.

  • Trinidaddy

    This comment thread is going to be lit, fam.

  • Anon

    What’s the neighborhood? (not that it changes anything – just curious)
    I’ll also echo others – so cringeworthy on so many levels.

    • B’dale Res

      Looks like the house faces Florida Ave NE…but that’s just my take.

  • Anony

    Wow. Dude needs to spend less time vlogging and more time cleaning his place up. But good for him getting his stuff back.

  • AMDCer

    Oh Lord, where’s my popcorn…

    • Tom

      Jinx! Sort of

  • Tom

    Reading these comments in a couple hours like *guy eating popcorn dot gif*

  • wdc

    No real opinion on the right way to handle package theft, but this is the right way to get the views up on your youtube channel.
    I’d probably tidy my room up, first, if it were me.

  • Colhi

    Why would you ever wear bangs like that? Bad hair choice.

    • Anon

      You’ve clearly never consumed a whole lot of ecstasy all at once.

      • Pill’n in Petworth

        I sure have! Man.. what a great drug!

    • gotryit

      Package theft is a jerk thing to do and criminal.
      Physically confronting someone for stealing your package could land you in hot water for assault – depends on the details.

      Mocking someone for their accent is a douchey thing to do.
      Mocking someone for their haircut is a douchey thing to do.

      How about just calling the police. They can handle arresting the guy for package theft. And then don’t put something public on youtube about it. It’s really not hard.

      • not_naive

        “How about just calling the police. They can handle arresting the guy for package theft”

        Oh you sweet summer child.

        • gotryit

          Thanks for your condescension, but that’s been my experience in a couple of similar situations.

      • anon

        It seemed to me that this guy’s interest was in getting his stuff back, not in having the thief arrested. And that what he did accomplished that successfully. And it is doubtful as to whether having the police arrest the thief would have resulted in getting his stuff back – he might have just denied all knowledge of where the stolen item was if police were involved to not further incriminate himself (he hadn’t seen the camera footage.) It was likely in a garbage bin, and may have been collected with the garbage by the time he might have told police where he put the stuff. The guy on the video reacted to seeing the guy and asking for his stuff, which he knew would be unusable and without street value to the thief, and he got it back. Whatever one thinks of his video, this was not a bad strategy – as it worked to get his stuff back. (I might have done the same, though likely not without backup, due to gender, size and strength differences between me and the thief, though I probably would have done so anyway when younger, stronger, and could run faster.) Though I’d never have made and posted a video about it. And, come to think of it, I’d never have packages delivered to my door.

  • C

    bad look for Florida Avenue Grill..

  • Anonymous

    He did the right thing if you ask me- I would’ve done the same. Don’t see the issue here. Bet you that guy and others will have a LOT more respect for that guy now and will stay away from his property.

    • Truxton Thomas

      Especially once they witness his aptitude at Spelunky.

      • samanda_bynes


  • Anon

    I don’t get it – guy gets multiple things stolen from his house, installs a camera, and then confronts the perp without threatening him, using profanity, or even calling the police. All he said was “give me my stuff back and don’t do it again,” and called him out to his face on his lame “it was my cousin” excuse.

    What’a the problem? A little hokey, self-glorifying perhaps. Maybe. But that’s it for me.

    • kapitolhill

      Spot on.

  • dcjpad

    Did the thief steal his spelling software, too? (“Verticle” video.) I wonder if MPD would have handled this any more effectively. Likely not, even with the video footage.

    • gotryit

      I’ve given surveillance video of package theft to the police before (4th district). They identified the guy right away, then picked him up the next day.

      • dcjpad

        Good for you. I haven’t found the police response to similar issues in the Second District to be effective.

  • Anonymous

    Side note: pretty sure “do unto others” is not one of the 10 commandments.

  • Anonymous

    Dude seems really hungry for attention.

  • Cam

    Wow. I’m sorry that the guy had a package stolen and happy he got his stuff back. But I thought the “comedic” commentary to the theft in action was offensive, not funny. And the guy’s advice simply to be nice and happy and thankful at the end? He didn’t seem like a particularly nice guy to me. My guess is “Donald” the package thief is probably in the midst of life circumstances that make being nice and happy and thankful a real challenge. I’m in no way excusing the crime, just observing that Donald is likely mentally and financially unwell. He sure seemed not all there and full of pitiful lies. And I’m not so sure about the host of the video when it comes to mental health. It would be wrong of me to comment on his hair, the cleanliness of his place, or his spelling. But the way he rambled on and on and the way spoke to and about Donald irritated me. He struck me as lacking the very compassion he urges.

    • Truxtoner

      “I’m in no way excusing the crime.”

      Yes, that is precisely what you are doing.

    • Skn


    • MadMax

      I bet your house, hair, and vocab are all on point though!

  • Ben

    I will admit it’s slightly funny the package thief is wearing, of all things, a Florida Ave Grill shirt. Did he get that shirt for being a frequent “contributor”?

  • illinoisandjefferson

    sorry but this guy would’ve caught these hands after asking the first time and he gave me that as an answer.

    • Anonymous

      good way to end up in jail for assault

      • Kevin

        Oh well….don’t catch these hands too Anonymous.

        • Anonymous

          Is that a threat, tough guy?

          • illinoisandjefferson

            if i have this piece of sh*t on cam **stealing my mail**, you really think he has the heart to go to the cops?

      • illinoisandjefferson

        if i have this piece of sh*t on cam **stealing my mail**, you really think he has the heart to go to the cops?

        • Anonymous

          Would you really want to risk it?
          If he gets locked up, he’s probably back on the streets in a day or two.
          If you get locked up, you’ve got violent crime on your record. How long until you get out? Is your boss good with that? Or are you now out of a job. Certainly anything with a clearance.
          But hey, you’ll have beat up a walking shipwreck. I hope you feel better about yourself.

  • Shaw

    I think this guy is AWESOME. Doofy criminal voice aside, he called the guy out on being a criminal. I hope he calls the police and gets the guy arrested, too – should have ample evidence to get a quick and easy conviction. Dude deserves to go to jail for a couple months and have a time out to think about how stealing from neighbors is a bad idea.

    • kapitolhill

      I agree! Would love to watch more of it, haha.

  • J David

    I’m not offended by anything that happened here. I guarantee this guy wouldn’t have rolled up on the thief had it not been some old shambling homeless dude. Or maybe he would have and we’d be reading about this in the WaPo local crime section…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Good lord. I couldn’t get past the voice over part of the video.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    Good for him- didnt call the cops and got his stuff back and another guy who probably cant afford to go to Jail, didnt. He also did it with a bit of civility.

  • Denise4000

    Confronting him was stupid. He could have hurt you!

  • anon

    I don’t have a huge problem with how he handled it, but I agree with one of the other commentators who pointed out that if the thief had been 20 – 40 years younger and in better shape, I highly doubt that he have approached it the same way. You created and posted this video, mocking and exploiting an older man who is clearly not doing well, when you could have been satisfied to simply have your stuff back.

    • MadMax

      How awful of him to belittle people over the internet who have no way of retorting! Lock him up!

    • textdoc

      +1 to “You created and posted this video, mocking and exploiting an older man who is clearly not doing well, when you could have been satisfied to simply have your stuff back.”
      I’m glad the guy got his stuff back (though confronting a thief like that could have gone very, very wrong), but the video makes him look bad. The voiceover accent/dialect/whatever is cringe-worthy, and the “don’t take other people’s stuff” message is hopelessly naive — he’s preaching to the choir.
      I hope the video-er has the good sense to take the video down before the blackface-ish narration gets him in trouble with his employer, neighbors, or anyone else.

  • Suel

    Wasn’t crazy about the sound effects— That said, it is so frustrating to be constantly having your packages stolen. I routinely find ripped open boxes around my neighborhood and in the alley. This is at 21 and N. Also rampant at 15th and Swann. I try to take the empty boxes and packages to the address on them so at least people will know what happened. It’s sad and depressing and nothing is done about it. I like the guy in this piece got a little of his own back.

  • hi

    I don’t have a problem with this, package theft is one of the lowest forms of theft and this guy did walk on his porch and steal his stuff. This guy probably knows others in the hood that steal… the word will get around that the street is on camera so a drop in crime. if you have streetsmarts you would know this.

  • Props

    Props to this guy. Calling the police is a waste of time, they can’t/won’t do anything. MPD is impotent when it comes to petty crime.

  • bruno

    Now look who’s Mr. Law and Order ;^) When it comes to package theft, bike snatchers, etc., no mercy. Even public shaming.

  • JSano

    As the creator of this video, I wanted to apologize if the voice-over I did in this video came across as offensive and racist. That was absolutely not my intent, I in no way was attempting to mimic the voice of any demographic of people and instead was trying to do a “dumb criminal” type of voice-over as on shows like “Worlds Dumbest …”. I can understand why some people took it offensively but I wanted to state again that this was not my intent at all and was a poor choice I made in the editing process. As of the time of writing this, I have disabled the video from being able to be viewed. I made a judgment error in the way I thought the voice would be taken by the few people I anticipated seeing this video (as just ridiculous sounding commentary on an otherwise non-audio portion) and again I apologize for the unintended way it has been portrayed due to this judgment error.


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