No Matter What “Side” You’re On – Don’t Be a Jerk

by Prince Of Petworth — November 21, 2016 at 11:10 am 37 Comments


Or just remember to “go high”. But certainly don’t vandalize someone’s car.

“Dear PoPville,

Thought I would share this: late last night I was walking my dog on 12th St NW a few blocks below U St. and came across this letter taped to a car. I approached it because I saw a few Trump stickers on the car, one on each window, and I was curious.

The text reads: “Dear Vandals, If you do not like my license plates or bumper stickers please fee free to report to [address] for a lesson in exercising ones 1st and 2nd amendment rights instead of vandalizing [?] vehicle.”

I honestly didn’t know what to make it of it. My first reaction was shock—was I finally seeing the pro-Trump sentiment that I’ve been reading about in the news, expressed in my own neighborhood? Then I thought, surely this must be a hoax. I also didn’t see any obvious signs of vandalism. Maybe someone had pasted Trump stickers all over someone else’s car just to be an asshole? But I look a look at the license plate and sure enough it had a pro-gun message.

Ed. Note: Maybe someone put bumper stickers on the windows and that’s the vandalism they’re referring to?

I left feeling so confused. This part of the street runs from the entertainment corridor of U Street down to the local hipster coffee shop! I couldn’t imagine that that one of the 4% of D.C. voters who actually voted Trump lived here, but then again that kind of willful ignorance of other viewpoints is what got us liberal voters in this mess in the first place.

I’m curious if anyone else saw the message and what they think of it? I walked past the car this morning in the daylight and the stickers are still there but the piece of paper is gone.”

  • Duponter

    Bold letter. That said, the author of the letter could probably use the lesson in the First Amendment. The First Amendment protects an individual’s right to free speech from being infringed upon by the government. So, unless the city put those bumper stickers on their window, the First Amendment is not relevant here.

    That said, why on earth would anyone come in to the city and vandalize cars that do not support Trump. 94% of the people in DC voted for Hillary. More people voted for Gary Johnson/Jill Stein than Donald in DC. Like, take your pick.

    • Cleveland Park runner

      While I wish your second point were true, it is not: Per the Board of Elections, nearly three times as many people voted for Trump than Johnson.

      • Duponter

        Sorry, I should have been more specific, there were more third party/write-in votes in DC than those for Trump. 15,715 versus 12,723.

  • Anon

    Trump voters live in the 14th Street corridor. I know a few. They might not vote in DC, but in their “home” states. If you think the area of the city with $3000+/month apartments won’t have at least some Republicans/Trump folks, you’re not understanding the changes that are going on as neighborhoods gentrify. And you’re forgetting that many people in this town will be working in the new administration. The voting records of the city don’t reflect the population of the city, since many of these folks don’t vote here.

    • Arouet

      There are something like 4,000 political appointees, the vast majority of whom will not live in DC proper. It’s not a meaningful change to the city’s population.

      • CVR

        While I agree that Trump appointees will not completely change the makeup of our city too much, there will be staffer brought in to support the appointees who live here. I certainly met more Republicans when Bush was in the WH than over the last 8 years and I expect that too happen again. Not enough to change the landscape but some.

      • Reality

        They love Georgetown, apparently.

    • urbanengineer

      “Trump voters live in the 14th Street corridor.”
      This made me laugh. That’s all.

      • Anonymous

        Some of the “reddest” precincts in DC were in the 14th street corridor. Red is a relative term, but the heart of 14th street voted 2.5 times the city wide average for Trump (10% vs. 4%). Nearby the precinct the goes along Georgia from Florida to Columbia was 12% Trump.

        And just for funsies, the precinct around in Woodridge below Rhode Island was the Trumpiest precinct at 15.4% and the least Trumpiest precinct was in 16th street heights (above Decatur and below Colorado between 16th and Georgia) with just 13 out of 1547 votes going to Trump.

        • notsarcastic

          can you post your source? I’d love to see the precinct level vote breakdown.

        • Duponter

          This is fun, but it ignores the reality that he still only got 12,000 votes in DC. That’s not even 10% of the vote in DC 14th Street might be relatively redder than other parts of the city, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the people who voted for Hillary both in the 14th Street area and citywide.

          • anon

            If one reads that and didn’t know that 10% is a low percent, they’re never really going to be informed anyway.

          • urbanengineer

            I wonder how many DC republicans didn’t vote because of this huge disparity. Overcoming a 90% majority could be enough to get a substantial number of voters to not even show up.

        • anon

          I’m looking at the data and not seeing what you’re seeing. That Woodridge precinct is #71? That went 2.68% for Trump-Pence. #72 (which is more Brentwood than Woodridge) went 2.04% for Trump-Pence.

          • Anonymous

            Um, yeah, I’m going to blame fusiontables on this one. Ignore everything I’ve written above, my precinct mapping was all wrong (or, rather, the precinct mapping from data.dc.gov)

  • AnonV2

    OK, so somebody was trolling him based on some views expressed on his car parked on the street. How to make that better? Publish a public rant escalating this staid, academic exchange and GIVING THEM YOUR HOME ADDRESS through which all sorts of more annoying mischief could be perpetrated Not exactly thinking that one through, eh?

    • I’m curious as to what exactly the vandalism was?

      • Bloomy

        It looks like someone put trump stickers on a car… my first thought was that it was the “NOTRUMP” license plate/car that I always see parked in Ledroit.

        • OP

          It wasn’t that car.

      • Lucy Chong

        me too… at first, I thought the stickers were the vandalism, too… but then it looks like the letter was stuck to the car by one of the stickers.

  • Rower32

    “but then again that kind of willful ignorance of other viewpoints is what got us liberal voters in this mess in the first place.”

    You must be joking right. Speak for yourself please. We didn’t deserve what’s about to happen because us liberals are a bunch of willful ignorant people. The idea of Trump happened because of us and we deserve this is laughable.

    • Anon

      +1 So over this rhetoric

  • Rower32

    For the record. I lived at 12&R for 4 years. I know the n’hood. It neither represents the neighborhood nor us the liberals. Something is not right here.

  • Anonamom

    This note sort of seems like the equivalent of “Come at me, bro.” Not a great idea.

  • Anon

    Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of assholes in and around DC regardless of politics.

  • smk

    I wouldn’t want that person living in my basement and exercising his/her 2nd amendments rights on me. Plus, car break ins happen ALL THE TIME in DC. Not sure how it can be assumed that this is related to the person that 25% of eligible voters chose as president.

  • Sydney

    Someone who lives in a basement, writes like a child, and likes Trump? We should feel sorry for the poor person. [Oh. No. Wait. That’s the “liberal” way of tolerance, forgiveness and empathy.]

    • Shawnnnnnn

      You seem confused as to what the situation is here in this post. The person who posted the note is not a Trump person.

      • Lucy Chong

        Maybe I’m confused too… but it appears that the note was stuck UNDER the sticker… so it seems he might be a Trump supporter brandishing his car with more bumper stickers that he mentions in the note

  • neighbor

    Was the car a jeep? is it on 12th st? they had a confederate flag on their car at one point. Would not surprise me if they voted trump.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I know that Jeep. A real peach.
      With the car in this post, here’s what happened: dumb ass-hat youth vandals broke into their car. Car owner suffering from a “victim complex” interprets this as a politically motivated act, because that’s how he/she bravely gets by in “libtard” DC. So now the owner has decided to wear his political allegiances proudly and essentially taunt the vandals. $20 says car owner sat at their window for the last two nights with his gun by his side just waiting for the kids to show. I can already predict how this will end…..probably with another broken window.

    • anom anon

      I’ve seen the jeep in question around, and there’s usually an American Flag displayed in the back window.

  • Maiden of Mount Pleasant

    Someone left this note on my car in 2007 when it was parked in San Francisco. Not surprisingly, trolls are so predictable but still manage to defy logic. The next few months/years are going to be a bumpy ride.

  • Northzax

    Also, a ‘pro-gun’ license plate? Ten bucks says it’s not a DC plate. So it’s someone who lives in DC but registers their car elsewhere? How neighborly of them.

  • U st.

    What’s with the torches and pitchforks and victim blaming here? Person’s car got vandalized (yes, putting bumper stickers on the windows count) and they put up an angry note after they realized it was vandalized. Why aren’t the vandals to blame here and why is it SO important if this car owner voted for Trump or not? I think the Trump bumper stickers are way more passive aggressive than the note…

    Just because you voted for Hillary and someone else may or may not have does not give you the right to vandalize someone’s car.

    What’s happening to this world?


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