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No Matter What “Side” You’re On – Don’t Be a Jerk

by Prince Of Petworth November 21, 2016 at 11:10 am 37 Comments


Or just remember to “go high”. But certainly don’t vandalize someone’s car.

“Dear PoPville,

Thought I would share this: late last night I was walking my dog on 12th St NW a few blocks below U St. and came across this letter taped to a car. I approached it because I saw a few Trump stickers on the car, one on each window, and I was curious.

The text reads: “Dear Vandals, If you do not like my license plates or bumper stickers please fee free to report to [address] for a lesson in exercising ones 1st and 2nd amendment rights instead of vandalizing [?] vehicle.”

I honestly didn’t know what to make it of it. My first reaction was shock—was I finally seeing the pro-Trump sentiment that I’ve been reading about in the news, expressed in my own neighborhood? Then I thought, surely this must be a hoax. I also didn’t see any obvious signs of vandalism. Maybe someone had pasted Trump stickers all over someone else’s car just to be an asshole? But I look a look at the license plate and sure enough it had a pro-gun message.

Ed. Note: Maybe someone put bumper stickers on the windows and that’s the vandalism they’re referring to?

I left feeling so confused. This part of the street runs from the entertainment corridor of U Street down to the local hipster coffee shop! I couldn’t imagine that that one of the 4% of D.C. voters who actually voted Trump lived here, but then again that kind of willful ignorance of other viewpoints is what got us liberal voters in this mess in the first place.

I’m curious if anyone else saw the message and what they think of it? I walked past the car this morning in the daylight and the stickers are still there but the piece of paper is gone.”


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