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Jenkins BBQ coming to the former Ruby Tuesday space in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth — November 28, 2016 at 9:25 am 23 Comments

14th and Monroe St, NW

Back in June the powers that be wanted to know who you’d like to see take over the old Ruby Tuesday space in Columbia Heights. They have chosen BBQ (which nobody requested.) Anyway Mr. T in DC tweeted me the coming soon sign Sunday morning:


I’m told that this is from a “Great family run restaurant out of Florida.”

You can see Jenkins Quality BBQ’s Florida menus here and their story here. Updates as they get closer to opening.

  • Upper14thForever


  • anon

    So not looking forward to this corner smelling like meat (says the vegetarian). And Jenkins Captial is certainly in line with the dumbing down of America.

    • MK

      Curious as to why this is ‘certainly in line with the dumbing down of America’? From what I gather it’s a successful, family-owned business looking to expand into new markets – seems more like certainly being in line with the American Dream than anything else. I’m also a neighbor and am glad to hear something’s coming to one of the many vacant spaces in Columbia Heights that’ll provide new jobs and which isn’t a corporate, national chain. Very much looking forward to trying it and wish them the best of luck in this competitive market!

      • ctk

        Because Capital is not spelled “Captial”.

        Hope it’s good, I know nothing about it.

        • MK

          Totally missed the typo! Turns out I’M in line with the dumbing down of America. What a shame it’s there as I do wish them luck.

          • Truxton Thomas

            It seems to me more like an indicator of a local business—the kind that doesn’t have a marketing department or franchise collateral. I’m a spelling and grammar pedant myself, but come on—this is a barbecue joint.

          • MK


        • textdoc

          I can understand typos in a press release, but typos in fancy printed signs are kind of embarrassing.
          (For what it’s worth, I don’t think the typo reflects “the dumbing down of America.” Just carelessness.)

        • stacksp

          Isnt the failure on Kinko’s or whoever printed the sign? Maybe the owners noticed it as well but posted the sign anyway until a replacement was provided to get the ball rolling on their hiring effort.

          • wdc

            That’s what I thought, too. I know I’ve had sign-makers screw things up, even when the proof looked ok.

  • neighbor

    So what would we like to see there after Jenkin’s BBQ fails?
    Seriously who are the landlords for that building? What a complete waste.

  • N

    Wow–surprised at such negativity when we finally have a non national chain moving into northern 14th street. I think it’s great a family run BBQ place is moving in. Looking forward to it.

    • GBinCH

      Likewise…I’m amazed at the response to this. I’m thrilled that its not a nation chain and I also like good BBQ. I will definitely be checking this place out. I hope it’ll be good.

      • Welshi

        If the website and yelp reviews of their previous Jacksonville locations are any indication- it won’t be good.

  • hma


  • pcat

    It’s interesting that this restaurant is coming just as The Rib Joint is closing. I hope this one is more successful.

  • stacksp

    Always room for good BBQ

  • wdc

    Hallelujah. I’m so glad that the space will be occupied again, and look forward to checking it out. If they’re any good at all (they don’t even have to be great), we’ll be there regularly.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinin’ it’s better than a Ruby Tuesday or TGIF. I’ll give them a chance, but not a huge BBQ person.

    • textdoc

      Ditto. I’m glad it’s not a chain, and I hope it’s good BBQ. But I’m not really a BBQ person.

  • Mr. Cue

    Very glad to see something that’s not a national chain going in there. I’m a huge BBQ fan and live right down the street, I have high standards though and wasn’t very encouraged by their website- they seem to be emphasizing the sauce instead of the meat, and having multiple locations isn’t a good sign either. But I will certainly give them a chance (plenty of chances in fact!)

    In the neighborhood, KBC on 11th st. is good ‘cue, but more of a pricier, sit down place. If Jenkins can be a cheaper takeout option (especially if the ribs are good since that’s not KBC’s forte) that will be great.

  • Jeff

    I’m from Jacksonville. This is very, very good news for people who love REAL BBQ in DC.

  • Dave Stein

    Are we sure that the owner is the same as the three in Florida?


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