Friday Question of the Day – Who would you like to see move into the old Ruby Tuesday space?

by Prince Of Petworth June 23, 2016 at 10:22 pm 69 Comments

14th and Monroe St, NW

From the powers that be – who would you like to see move into the old Ruby Tuesday space, closed since November 2014, (RIP) in Columbia Heights? It doesn’t have to be a restaurant either! Looking for “for any creative ideas that the community would like to see.” Now’s your chance!!

  • a82neb

    Dave and Busters. Just kidding. How about and outdoor store like HTO or REI?

    • banananonymous

      +1, it would be nice, but got beat the REI to market

    • textdoc

      Isn’t REI already coming to somewhere in NE?

      • Yep, U-line, it’s going to be yuuuuge.

    • Lady Sockington

      Also, HTO went out of business last year.

  • Linc Park SE

    Olive Garden!!

    just kidding – but would love to see some Italian

    • Hill Denizen

      Damnit I was gonna say TGIFridays!

  • Rasika 14 (for 14th St)–a girl can dream, right?

    • TinkerTaylor

      I would be sooo poor if this happened.

  • dominiond

    a pocket park- Columbia Heights needs some green space on 14th street- all the cars and traffic gives it a really aggro vibe

    • dcd

      Sorta the opposite of “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot,” huh?
      I agree with the sentiment, but Rasika 14 is more likely.

    • Jessica

      A park instead of a building would be lovely!

    • CHGal

      The space above it and the other storefronts are occupied. hey’re not going to knock down the whole building because this unit is empty.

    • Anonymous

      Considering the debacle that is the open space outside of the Columbia Heights Metro, adding another pocket park without having a policing plan would be a disaster.

      • LittleBluePenguin


  • anonymous


    • welshi

      +1 This!

  • anonymous

    Laser tag

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      Lack of laser tag in Columbia Heights make it a second tier neighborhood IMO

  • Da_Answer

    An organic vegan Bolivian-Estonian fusion restaurant/brew pub with a nice wine selection and cocktails with a twist (that of course uses only locally grown products)

    • Bloomy

      small plates

  • John

    An old school bakery that sells pies, cookies, sheet cakes, and unpretentious doughnuts that cost less than $1 each.

    • meh

      yup, they should definitely open a time machine there

  • Homeless shelter

  • Anonymous

    Microbrewery like Right Proper or Blue Jacket. Potentially a high-end restaurant to compliment Thip Kao. Maybe by owners of Red Hen, Roses Luxury or Little Serow.

    • ae

      + to both

  • GabeYo

    T.G.I.F Fridays or a Red Lobster. Cheddar Biscuits SON.

  • Eric

    Applebee’s please

  • Jessica

    No more big chains please! If it’s food, I’d like to see a ramen place…

  • hammers

    movie theater or art school/studio/galleries

  • 11th St

    Please, considering everything else that’s already on this street it can only be an Applebee’s or TGI Fridays.

  • KBT


  • vannessie

    We’ve already discussed this, Prince — Tenley Pint!

    • That’s a different Ruby’s but +1000

      • vannessie

        Oops! Yeah, Columbia Heights doesn’t need another “Pint”!

  • Tom

    Police substation.

    • Alyssa

      Move the Dunkin Donuts here, and put a police substation where the Dunkin is.

      • The Other Jason

        I live in the Dunkin building – and both my desire to not be shot and my waistline support this decision.

  • Guillermo Brown

    7-11/Boost Mobile combo.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Ruby Wednesday. (I’m a dad.)

  • Mojotron

    The title of this should have been “Goodbye Ruby Tuesdays; who will hang their name on you?”

  • john

    a police station

  • MM

    A gym !!

  • stacksp

    A nice full sized gym with free weights similar to 24 hour fitness would be nice. There are enough beer and eateries up and down 14th St that you can not get to them all but not one solid gym that I know of.

    • CHGal

      The is one block from WSC.

      • CHGal


      • stacksp

        Didnt realize that……..

      • AE

        WSC is such a crappy place, indifferent staff and terrible instructors.
        I’d love to see a gym like Mint in this space!

      • merp

        People hate that WSC though. CoHeights/Petworth could use a decent non-Cross Fit gym.

  • sbc

    day care center with space for infants-2 year olds. These can really only be on the ground floor and there is a huge dearth of child care facilities in DC.

    • Rebecca


    • lizcolleena

      Doesn’t the dance institute building across the street house a daycare center? There are always tons of kids in/around there on my morning commute.

  • Uh…nonymuss?

    A bicycle shop. Why Columbia Heights doesn’t have one is beyond me. It would make so much bank.

  • The Other Jason

    A lot of people are clamoring for an Old Navy (why is beyond me, but it fits with the immediate surroundings). I’d vote for a restaurant just not something that I can only visit on special occasions because the beers start at $8 and apps at $15.

  • Petworth dad

    Given the stroller density in the neighborhood, I’d love to see a good baby gear/toy store. I’m perpetually shocked at how few there are in the city. Tons of $1000 strollers cruise the streets every day. Maybe someone could capture the parent dollars and keep me from having to drive to far Virginia.

    The big challenge will be overcoming the browse/test in person, buy on Amazon mindset that seems to make it hard to sustain niche businesses.

  • Whitney

    A cycling studio; a wine bar; doggy daycare; a brewpub concept; Compass coffee or similar; Glen’s Garden Market.

  • I Dont Get It

    It’s a large space so likely the owners are looking for someone with deep pockets and therefore will favor a chain. With that reality, how about a local chain such as Great American Restaurants (Coastal Flats, Sweetwater Tavern, Arties, etc.)

    • madmax

      if it must be a chain one of the Great American Restaurants is a great idea!

    • jim_ed

      I hope not. Great American Restaurants are the absolute worst chains in the area. They’re like Founding Farmers, but somehow even worse.

      • LittleBluePenguin

        I really don’t get the hate directed at Founding Farmers. I ate there twice when i had some friends from CA in town, and everything I tried was absolutely delicious. Was the wait long? yes. Was it crowded? yes. Could it be a tourist trap? Sure. But I got damn good food for a fair price and enjoyed it with friends in a pleasant environment.

  • mfldc

    What about a nice size hardware store . . . . those too are few and far between!

    • Whitney

      A little close to Mt P hardware though. And I think it’s too small to be a legit Lowes or Home Depot or a larger Ace

  • Near Northeast

    Art supply/fabric store. A.C. Moore, Jo-Ann Fabric, Michael’s, or non-chain, I don’t care. I just want to be able to buy stuff without leaving the District. (Yeah, I know Michael’s is opening in Friendship Heights…eventually.)

  • tom

    Pool Hall & Ping Pong Bar

    • MHM


  • merp

    A (legalized) weed growing operation/retail facility. Since that won’t happen soon, I’d like to see some sort of operation that combines a vertical urban farm with a grocery store and cafe for the products it grows. At reasonable prices.

  • swifty

    Shooting range

  • adub3615

    busboys & poets type cafe, retail selling local dc goods & art. Just NOT another chain.

  • Whitney

    Cycling studio and/or wine bar. No chains!!!


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