Indigo Indian Restaurant opening 2nd Location in Brookland!

by Prince Of Petworth November 14, 2016 at 2:10 pm 23 Comments

3301 12th Street, NE via Indigo DC’s facebook

Well this is great Brookland news – thanks to a reader for passing on the Facebook announcement from Indigo:

“Friends , me and Nidhi are very excited to share our big day with you all. But before that we want to remind you again that we owe all this to you and a lot to mom’s blessings and family support . My little Grace is our inspiration .

Indigo is very proud yet excited and humbled at the same time to announce our new location coming up in early 2017. We have chosen Brookland to be our second home !

And we are excited to have our family join us into making this vision come true . Meet Renuka and Manish .

We are taking this step keeping all your love and blessings by our side .”

Indigo’s first location is at 3rd and K St, NE in NoMa.

  • Dognonymous

    Awesome! They’re going to do crazy business here. Welcome to the neighborhood, team Indigo!

  • anon

    Not quite what I was hoping would go there but I’ll take it (only bc an indian spot opened near Trinity)! The reviews are vary on yelp. Hopefully they can make some changes to the exterior, it needs some help!

    • Rukasu

      Indigo puts that place to shame

  • DSB

    So that means no Fried Chicken place from Brookland’s Finest/Steel Plate?

    • Not there. They may still look for a new space but that location was always a long shot for them.

  • Brookland mom

    So so so happy!

  • stacksp

    Definitely trying this out when they open


    Welcome! Can’t wait!

  • Suse

    What a beautiful family.

  • PB


  • Anon

    Please tell me they’ll be open for lunch in this food desert

    • You love dessert? Maybe you’re the type who likes to live on the edge and order dessert first. If so, their Rasmalai is to die for!

  • katinka

    best news of 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn, was hoping for Petworth! I’d love a sit down Indian restaurant. Salt & Pepper Grill II has been too inconsistent lately and their interior is not very invt

  • Rebecca Ende

    Come to Petworth next Indigo!

  • anon

    What happened to Serendipity Jazz Coffeehouse?

  • JP

    Yes!! This is the best news!!

  • m

    One of our favorite places to eat in H ST! The loveliest owners too! Great for brookland!

  • DonJuan

    This post made my day!

  • Liane Jacobs

    Yahoo. This is great. I can’t wait for the opening.

  • Molly

    Lucky Brookland! Indigo rocks and the folks who own it are wonderful!

  • northeazy

    About time. Every time I place this place. no matter the day, time or temperature, it is packed. And they are in a hidden location. Not like a cool, speakeasy wanna be hidden location, but like an actually shitty spot no one would ever find unless they were told to go there. And that is part of their charm. I hope to God they don’t totally reno the new place with stainless steel, reclaimed wood, and use EditLab or some other interior designer on their new place. Just a nice normal place with good food.

    • K ST NE

      Hey now, that “actually shitty spot that no one would ever find” is our neighborhood! Be nice friend.


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