Politics are a Part of DC and I will Continue to Cover and be an Ally to those in Need of One

by Prince Of Petworth — November 17, 2016 at 12:40 pm 114 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Hugh Clarke

I’ve gotten a few emails lately asking me, nicely, to stop posting so many political posts. All I can say is that, no, I will not stop. I’ve been chronicling the happenings in the District for ten years now and elections have always been a big deal. For the most part I simply post what readers send me without personal commentary. And while I do try to be relatively impartial – this is not the Washington Post – it’s a neighborhood blog run by one guy who does have opinions.

Now, I’m not saying we’re facing 1933 all over again but I have seen that movie. I remember very well what happens even if this is a different version. So I will break impartiality for this and say publicly that I am an ally to those in DC who need an ally. Whether it is someone who faces intimidation, fear, harassment, whatever in the current climate – I am here for you. I will be your ally and I will amplify your story. Whoever you are. A woman, an immigrant, LGBTQ, Muslim – I will stand with you. That is my pledge. Believe me, I hope I don’t hear from you. I hope the fears and concerns of many do not continue to pan out. But if they do, and you live in the District of Columbia or the greater area – I am here and I have faith the greater PoPville community will support you. I can always be reached at [email protected] should you need to contact me.

from the Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism During World War II

If I lose readership over this – so be it. I prefer to sleep well at night. Having said all that, I don’t plan on being a partisan hack either. I am not a politician and I don’t intend to become one. I’m just saying I’m not a robot either. It’s funny, honest to God, I’m consistently attacked by some far right nuts who accuse me of being a pinko commie and at the same time I’m consistently attacked by left wing wackos who accuse me of being a mini Trump. It never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh. Truth be told, which is obvious to many long time readers, for the most part I tend to associate with the words sang by the great Patterson Hood: “And all them politicians, they all lyin’ sacks of…”

And for those who do stay with me – fear not – coverage of restaurants, bars, real estate, pets, trees, transoms and all the other regular neighborhood news will continue with full force!

-Dan Silverman: Citizen of the District of Columbia

  • ASLL

    We’re with you. Stand strong.

    • LedroitTigah

      +1 million

  • wobber

    Yes. Thank you Dan!

  • keeferplnw

    I think you’re great.

    • sg7


      • TX2DC


  • AMDCer

    Bravo, Dan.

  • logan315

    Just registered to comment and say that I’m with you! Don’t stop.

  • ST21

    Good stuff. I have never seen anything wrong with your political posts and overall I find them very fair. The comments section obviously is a different story but hey, nothin wrong with some debate, right? I wish more people engaged in debate instead of the typical “I’m right, you’re wrong” stuff you see these days. I enjoy being challenged by someone who might not have the same views as me because at the end of the day (assuming you are a normal human) we are all on the same squad here. I think people tend to lose sight of that fact.

    We are lucky to live in DC where the vast majority is highly educated and the population is diverse, tolerant (mostly), and overall just a strong community. I’m a registered Republican and I actually love hearing perspectives from Democrats. I was never a Trump guy but I was not a Hilary supporter either. I wish Kasich was taken more seriously from the jump instead of desperately trying to ride his late momentum. He would have been such a great, calming voice during these times. We really missed out on a good one I think. I’m just babbling now- anyway- good stuff, PoP.

    • Supporter

      So well said. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    • There’s more than 1 of us?

      Couldn’t agree more and echo everything you said including my write-in vote for Kasich in DC.

      • GP

        Ha! my bf wrote in Kasich, too

    • jsauri


    • mcd

      Registered red here too and I also liked Kasich. Too bad…

    • JoDa

      Just curious if the Kasich supporters here looked at his record in Ohio. He certainly came across as the adult in the room in this election cycle, but most of the positions he took in this campaign were a far cry from those he espoused when he first became governor. I am willing to let politicians “evolve,” but I have my doubts that his moderation was anything other than self-serving pragmatism. He also exhibits a high amount of cognitive dissonance in certain positions, for example, believing that climate change is real, manmade, and problematic, but thinking that the private sector should self-regulate greenhouse gases without government mandates/oversight. Right…that’ll work…

      • Cleveland Park runner

        You mean like Hillary’s opposition to same-sex marriage as recently as 2013?

        • JoDa

          Well, he made that flip 90% of the way, too (right as he was announcing his candidacy) going from supporting a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and voting to ban gay adoption in DC to saying that the law was “settled” and we should “move on.” But I was thinking more going from a hard-core crime & punishment guy to interested in judicial reform towards rehabilitation and reduced sentences for non-violent offenders, going from supporting the rapid expansion of free trade to promising to “shut down” trade with countries that engage in dumping, and going from declaring English the official language and limiting even legal immigration to declaring deportation the wrong path and being willing to create legal residency for undocumented workers.
          But, you know, if you want to focus on her finally saying the word “marriage” instead of the “full equality” she had been espousing for at least 6 years prior to her 2013 announcement of support for equal marriage, that’s your nit to pick.

      • dcd

        “[Kasich] certainly came across as the adult in the room in this election cycle”
        That’s like saying you’re the greatest hockey player in the history of Ecuador. Not exactly a high bar to clear.

  • That is a challenge. I win some and I lose some. But best to be on the side of support even if I get hoodwinked. Fortunately I have a pretty decent BS meter which has served me well over the years ๐Ÿ™‚

  • MR

    Thanks for posting this Dan.

  • jumpingjack

    Bravo, Dan. Thank you for this.

  • skj84

    Thank you Dan for standing up against injustice.

  • Blithe

    Thank you for this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Blithe

      And thank you for providing us with space to vent, to support each other, and to attempt to understand other points of view. You’re a rare and much appreciated mensch, Dan! I admire and appreciate your integrity!

      • LittleBluePenguin

        +1 well said, and I agree!

  • Just A Guy

    Well thanks, Dan. Can I borrow your car? Planning on getting a lot of groceries this weekend. Help a neighbor out!

  • vannessie

    You rock, Prince. But we already knew that.

  • Sarah Thankachan

    Love. Thank you.

  • DCt


  • CatieCat

    Rock on, Dan!

  • Anonymous-est

    Rock on, Dan! Love your site and what it stands for; thank you for issuing this statement.

  • C2

    A great post. Thank you, Dan, for doubling down. We need you and this matters.

  • You Street

    All politicians are lying sacks of shit. It’s just that some are more lying sacks of shit than others.

  • Joshua Shnider

    Good for you. We need every bit of help we can get to overcome this frightening new reality.

  • wdc

    Just for that, I’m going to click on an ad today.

    • hahaha thank you!!

    • MPinDC

      Great idea wdc – me too!
      And thanks Dan !!

  • Ward1Lady

    Anyone berating you from behind their computer is of no consequence. You are a voice of this city that we as permanent residents need. Thank you for your service!

  • Mona

    Thank you Dan, we need this!
    I don’t post politic on facebook but a lot of my friends have been writing saying that people (their friends) are contacting them directly and asking them not to post about the election anymore, to accept the result and move on! Are we supposed to seat back and watch all the crazy policies get implemented? there is rise in hate crime since this election, even in the DC metro area, are we supposed to seat and wait for things to escalate? No, we should let this government knows that we are watching their every move. If you see something say something, seriously, don’t accept this or let yourself be intimidated by some people.

  • Cam

    Bravo. I would hope for no less.

  • carrots

    Thank you! I’m hopeful that a lot more will stand with you than against you.


    Thanks for taking a stand Dan! Many of us support you for what it’s worth. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nancy


  • SinSA

    Thank you, Dan. I stand with you as an ally as well.

  • anon

    “at the same time Iโ€™m consistently attacked by left wing wackos who accuse me of being a mini Trump.”
    imagine how small your hands would be.

    • jsauri

      LLOL (the extra L is because I *literally* laughed out loud.)

  • ET

    Its your site and they can cry if they want to……. or stop reading those posts that are “political.” This is predominantly a non-political blog but because it in a political city it would be hard not to have the odd “political” post or more likely “political” discussions in the comments.

  • Pixie

    Thank you for posting this!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    DC’s Neighborhood blog has too much political stuff? Geez, they must be from Canada! I kinda think of popville as the electronic version of folks sitting on their front stoop, gossiping. Keep up the good work Dan! If they don’t want politics they can follow Fritz Hahn’s blog.

  • Lori

    Thank you Dan! You are a good egg. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • A U St. Ally

    Thank you, Dan! I stand with you.

  • stacy

    thank you dan!!

  • U St Resident

    You’re one of the good ones, Dan. I stand with you in standing up for others.

  • Karen

    Yeah Dan! You are my hero, and like you, I will also do whatever i can to not allow intimidation and harassment. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • kd

    Dan Silverman for mayor!

  • Hstreeter

    You have been much better than DCist lately. Which is currently tracking at about 50-70% political posts a day. That being said, even when you do post, you are not in your face about it, which I respect. Thanks again for all your work.

    One of DC’s 11,000 Trump voters

    • Anon X

      Could you explain what led you to vote for Trump? And, if you do not share his views on minority groups, what led you to be able to ignore those positions and vote for him for other reasons? Genuinely curious.

      • FoggyBottom

        I’ll take a stab at this, though I didn’t vote for Trump. OnPoint and Diane Rehm had full shows on this very topic over the past week. People were able to separate Trump’s views on immigration and still vote for the man. Quite frankly, people voted for the idea of change, the idea of an outsider, just as they did with President Obama’s first term. They also voted for their own (or perceived) economic interests. People prioritize. When you see your community in decline both economically and in health, all the while being left behind by the information age, you vote for what is different. That is not to say race wasn’t a factor (it was) but it is interestingly to see that a very large group of minorities voted for Trump and that many counties that went for Obama suddenly went for Trump. These overall feelings are not exclusive to the US mind you. As a minority myself, I worry more about certain platforms than others and vote accordingly.

  • WoodridgeMama

    Thank you for this and all you do for the District.

  • jsauri

    Politics are absolutely relevant to a neighborhood blog. We are effected by politics on the national and locals level (and maybe some day state level too… [sigh]). It’s important for neighbors to discuss these issues. I may not want to always be reminded of politics. But here’s a trick I learned, that I want to encourage other people to try…

    When I find an article that I don’t want to read, I move my mouse over something else that is not the article, and click. Sometimes, I will scroll past it (also without clicking on anything at all). It’s weird, because it ends up that even though there is a discussion happening on the internet, I’m not a part of it! It certainly takes a little getting used to, but I think with time and practice, most people can learn this trick.

  • anon

    Look, we won’t share the same politics (although we are united in our disdain for the President-Elect), and I think you are fundamentally a good dude and good citizen of DC.

    I’d just like to point out that your political posts also tend to generate the most clicks, comments, and yes, revenue, so in addition to your apparent commitment to social justice, you have an economic interest in posting about politics.

    The same goes for splashy posts about certain types of crime, gentrification, or other topics that can generate ugly, racially charged rhetoric from both sides; you condemn the rhetoric but you certainly do benefit from it, don’t you?

    • Anonymous

      I guess he could always turn this into a blog about puppies and rainbows. Maybe that would solve the “problem” you identify.
      In my experience, pretty much any post can generate “ugly, facially charged rhetoric” if someone is committed to injecting it into the conversation.

    • hahaha you got me – it’s all a scam to get more clicks!! Mwahahahah – I have some right wing and left wing friends I’d like to introduce you to. You guys could have a helluva party together. Side note: I hear Kim Kardashian is coming to the inauguration – stand by for many many many updates!!

    • JoDa

      Oh, come on. You’re deriding him for posting things that get a lot of clicks and comments. You know, things people are *interested* in. Some people are going to get ugly about just about anything…Dan revealed recently that he doesn’t have to moderate very much out, so it’s not *that* bad. If you never post about anything that is even remotely controversial (and, in this city, that could be anything from an ANC election to repaving a road), you ain’t gonna have many readers, and what’s the point, then?

  • Chris

    I share these sentiments and offer anyone refuge in my safe space, which is the radius I can reach with my baseball bat. All are welcome.

  • houseintherear

    Love ya, Dan. So glad a neighbor in Petworth told me to check out this blog 9 years ago!!

  • caphillnative

    Sorry, what was that? I didn’t get past the blue eyes.

    • Victoria


  • Alan

    You’re a decent fella, Dan. Add Black people to your list too. Black church vandalism is off to roaring start post-election. Just read about an attempted drowning of a black teen with n-words included in central Illinois this week.

  • bruno

    I don’t mind the political posts, but you are tendentious, like all of us.

  • RHCH

    Right on Dan, and thanks for all the great work you do!

  • northeazy

    What if you are a white male Trump supporter (me) who is scared to wear a Trump Pence shirt like all my friends wore Obama Biden shirts in 2012 for fear of getting his ass beaten down by a frenzied whipped up crowd who think all Trump supporters are racist sexist bigoted homophobes?

    What if a white guy gets his ass kicked by a roving mob of rabid Liberals? Would you promote that story? Or just stories that fit into a pre-conceived narrative that all Trump voters are bad?

    It is your blog of course, but keep in mind some of your readers are Trump supporters who frankly feel targeted too. Many of us come to PoPville to get away from the politics of anger from the sore losers on the Left. Do what you think is right, but also remember you have fans from all sides of the political spectrum.

    And remember, he won fair and square. If I said Hillary is #NotMyPresident, I’d be called a sexist.

    End rant.

      • northeazy

        I appreciate it but too afraid to risk it. I understand not everyone is as fortunate as me and cannot “hide” certain aspects of themselves. Just hope we don’t paint with broad brushes. Just as all Muslims aren’t terrorists, the vast, vast majority of Trump supporters aren’t racists.,

        PS thanks for your seemingly more Liberal policy on political posts. Haven’t been blocked once since your 10 year anniversary!

        • Age has softened me.

        • Anonabeer

          I’m more shocked by the large “I’m not a racist I’m just okay with racism or my political goals are more important than racism” crowd. Your Muslim analogy breaks down unless you think muslims who support terrorists are not terrorists. Can you imagine “I voted for the known terrorists but I am not a terrorist.” I am sure you would have no problem with those people.

          • FoggyBottom

            And to me your comment is equally confounding. We prioritize ideas all the time. Sometimes these ideas even conflict with one another. If you’re worried about your job, have seen a rise in drug events in your community, feel neglected by a party that frankly takes your vote for granted, you may vote for Trump despite not sharing his views on race because he connected with you with Hillary did not. This is no different than those more religious inclined to vote a certain way. I’m sure the great many minorities that voted for Trump would say they either didn’t take seriously or chose to ignore Trump’s less than noble (see how nice I was?) ideas. As with you presumably, I worry more about equal opportunity and inclusion. I have the economic freedom to do so, but I don’t decry others for worrying about their own self interest in a system that only gives you two choices.

          • Anonabeer

            First, although not cleart comment is directed at those more educated middle to upper class trump voters (as an aside the current drug issue raises a whole host of other racial issues). Second, i understand prioritizing ideas, but in my view no political idea (at least in the realm of what is currently politically possible in America) is or can be more important than the racist, sexist, etc. hate spewed and encouraged by Trump. My point is, there are some lines that cannot be crossed and that are automatic disqualifiers.

    • Anon X

      Its like the last 8 years of right-wing financed and fueled illegitimizing of Obama didnt occur.

      Its not excusing the use of #notmypresident now, but lets get down off the indignant high horse, eh?

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. Heaven forbid non-Trump voters use the broad brush Trump used to appeal to racists, sexists, and religious bigots, to portray the people Trump appealed to as racists, sexists, and religious bigots, even though the appeal appears to have worked given the number of racists, sexists, and religious bigots who’ve come out of the closet since election day.

  • Gregg

    We stand with you the same as you’ll stand with us.

  • Victoria


  • Rower32

    BRAVO. Support you 100%

  • ke

    Thanks Dan! I hope that all of us who believe in the dignity and inherent rights of every person, regardless of sex, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, citizenship, or national origin, will come together to listen to each other, and fight for and support each other. I very much appreciate that you have created and fostered this forum. (And I clicked on an ad too!)

  • LighthouseYogaCenter

    Thank you Dan! As a small business in the same boat, we’re finding that so many of our clients want to discuss what’s going on that there’s just no way we can keep it out. We’re in this together, and together we’ll have to find a way through.

  • mayhem

    I applaud you!

  • MorgaNado

    And, for this very reason, I read Popville every day! Thank you for being You!

  • NEhomeboy

    Thank you.

    Personally I have found this blog and larger community very cathartic over the last few weeks.
    It took me until the 10th to be able to go online without freaking out that we have a bigoted game show host as the president elect, but this blog and larger community has allowed me to calm down a bit.

  • jenster8dc

    Thank you, Dan. This is not the time to go ostrich. Awareness is power.

  • LCinDC

    Sometimes I wish I didn’t see as many cats on the afternoon animal posts, but at least I keep it to myself and scroll away to the pups…except for right now when I am not keeping it to myself.

  • Elvis’s Mom

    Thank you, Dan!

  • LedroitTigah

    Thank you, Dan. I need this site as an anonymous outlet for my grief these days ๐Ÿ™‚

    • LedroitTigah

      Also, uhhh (inappropriate comment time), if you have a single, liberal leaning brother or something, let a LedroitTigah know since youre, um, attractive.

  • JudyZ

    Right on!

  • JCo

    Thank you!

  • JWT

    Amen! Thank you Dan. You are a princely Prince.

  • JB

    Thanks Dan for standing up for what’s right! I’m with you and support you.

  • Well said Dan!!!

  • KyleL


  • chasscott

    Thank you, but this is like your official coming out as a Mensch!
    We Popistas knew that already!!!

  • V

    Yeah, Dan!!

  • hillyeah

    nice post. i love reading popville. came to comment +1 for patterson hood. just saw them play last weekend, took my mind off things for a few hours. amazing show as usual.

  • Anon

    I’m late to the party, but thanks, Dan!

  • B

    “Now, Iโ€™m not saying weโ€™re facing 1933 all over again but I have seen that movie. I remember very well what happens even if this is a different version. So I will break impartiality for this and say publicly that I am an ally to those in DC who need an ally. Whether it is someone who faces intimidation, fear, harassment, whatever in the current climate โ€“ I am here for you. I will be your ally and I will amplify your story. Whoever you are. A woman, an immigrant, LGBTQ, Muslim โ€“ I will stand with you.”

    Perfect words to me on two levels. First sentence so encapsulates how I feel. We too often compare certain politicians to the worst of history, and then dismiss the comparison as current versions can’t be THAT bad. Sorry, but “different versions” can be bad in different ways, and should not be dismissed. Second, you are always respectful of all types of views, though your own viewpoint still comes through. It is refreshing to see a straight, white man express such support for women, LGBT, muslims, and and all races. Keep it up. You are a local treasure, and your viewpoint is helpful to our discourse.

    • DC_Chica

      +1 to “you are a local treasure.” A well-informed citizenry is crucial for a well-functioning democracy, and I consider Popville an important source of information on the neighborhoods that I live and work in (and also a source of support, from the community of people who read and post on this blog.) Above all, right now is a time when we need to support one another, and it makes my heart glad and gives me hope when I hear it being reaffirmed publicly.

  • molly

    Thank you.

  • MadMax

    If people can’t handle a particular subject it’s so easy to just click through to the next article. I’ve never understood the mentality of someone who absolutely “must” read the comments knowing they’re going to hate what they read. You don’t want your fragile opinions hurt or challenged, and yet you can’t keep yourself away from it. For you sir or madam I have zero sympathy.

  • One love

    Great post. Thanks for your work to keep people together. Don’t anybody let the hatred of the fringe become normal here or anywhere. Don’t believe the hype. Times are ruff, but love will always conquer.

  • Sully

    We need it now more than ever. I guess you have the 2% of DC that voted for Trump as followers. Let them eat cake!

  • Smilla

    Late to the party, but I have to add my support for this. Thank you for using the Popville platform to speak out against bigotry, particularly now.

    Confession: I can’t help wondering what proportion of complaints are “far right nuts who accuse me of being a pinko commie” vs. the ones that are “left wing wackos who accuse me of being a mini Trump.” As a leftist myself, I would NEVER accuse you of being a mini Trump!

  • Reality

    If anything, this makes me want to read the blog more frequently. We cannot normalize Trump’s racism and attacks on minority groups.

  • Lamonting

    Thanks for ensuring a forum for the potentially oppressed. We must stand together as the incoming administration looks to divide us.


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