• kd21

    I love Glen’s. But seriously, I hope nobody there broke their arms patting themselves on the back while writing this.

    • accendo

      Could we get through one post without the negativity?

      • RV


    • wdc

      What kind of experience do you have in small business management, kd21?
      I don’t know how you’d promote a small business if you couldn’t afford the kind of media saturation that big chains can buy. I’d think you’d have to connect with your customers on a personal level, remind them of what makes your small business different and yes, better.
      How would you do it?

      • kd21

        I needn’t have directed a movie to tell you that Gigli is an awful film, and I can tell you, even without having declared my candidacy for President of the United States, that Donald Trump is an walking dumpster fire.

        Thanks for your insight.

        • wdc

          Ok, so no small business experience then.
          No thoughts on how it could be done better, either? How could you personally have been less offended by this small business’s communication?

    • NHAve

      KD21 made me laugh. The bit about Glen’s-bred babies eating applesauce was a bit much. But I agree with the sentiment and hope that they can find a good balance of prices that support good wages but don’t reduce demand too much.

  • Comment Artist

    Mitch is the best! And I’m more than willing to pay a little more for my locally-grown constructs if it supports higher wages for their employees.

  • ST21

    Love me some Glen’s. Glad the employees got some extra dough and I appreciate the announcement that prices will be higher instead of just surprising ppl with it. That being said, it’s a tricky situation- Glen’s is already a little pricey as it is so I’ll be curious to find out exactly how much of a price increase we are talking about here. My only other gripe with Glen’s is they don’t mix up the menu at all- maybe they will now though.

    • Anonabeer

      Their groceries are expensive but the beer and prepared food is super reasonable/cheap.

      • AdMo

        in recent months they’ve added some new sides/salads, and their roast chicken with sides or entree & two sides meals are a better deal on healthy dinner for take-out than you can get most places in the city.

  • I Dont Get It

    Glen’s is great! I was just there and don’t recall things being any more expensive. They never have been cheap to begin with but the food there is of good quality.

  • Anon

    Ugh! Their prices were already very high and I agree with the other poster that they don’t change their menu enough. I hope I don’t have to get a second mortgage to buy some kale salad.

    • NW_DC


  • K

    This is great. So many businesses have the buy local/ farm to table/ artisanal business model but don’t continue it on to their employees. I’m glad to read that Glen’s is investing in their staff.

  • This is Awkward

    Great communication with the community, and also great of course that they’re supporting a living wage (figuratively, I don’t know the exact figures they pay) for their employees. As someone who works with farmers, I want to underscore that good food is not cheap! Your kale salad is not supposed to be 2.99 if it’s grown in sustainable conditions by people who are paid well and treated fairly. There are lots of “artisanal” items at Glen’s that I think are outrageously priced and would never buy, but we should all learn to understand that quality produce/meat/eggs does cost more, and that cheapness can actually be quite costly (in terms of the food being produced in unsafe/unhealthy/ways bad for the environment and people, etc).

    • cre

      Yes. exactly this.

    • Pleasanter


    • ky

      well said

  • Anonynon

    hopefully beers are still $4 a pop

  • cava pony

    Good for them. As mentioned, I think a price increase can be tolerated if it is in support of local business and QUALITY products. Also as already mentioned, sustainable/local/organic DOES cost more — I fully support that, and I go to Glen’s knowing it is their mission, so I expect to pay the premium. Its important to me, so I do it.
    On a somewhat unrelated note, that pic of Glen’s does not do it justice! Has anyone been recently and seen the garden/planters installed there? Lots of veggies and herbs growing. I think it was installed by another local company, Love & Carrots. It looks great!

  • stcohi

    Good for them. Now can they open another in Petworth or Park View?

    • JS

      Seriously – put one in the big corner bay of Park Place & enjoy the license to print money.

  • BloomingdaleBroad

    I love Glen’s. But the entree platter used to be 10 bucks. With the new pricing, it came to 16 bucks. Needless to say I will be sticking to a liquid diet there.

    • AK

      I agree. Calculating the total cost of the entree platter by weight instead of a set price is annoying as you do not know the total cost before you pick your food items and end up trying to guess which dishes weigh the least.

      It would be fine if they just increased the entree platter cost from $10 to $12; I understand that higher costs lead to higher prices, but the new weighing method is a little frustrating.

  • The Other Jason

    I’m sorry, but if a business is doing well – as they state in their first paragraph – they ought to use that “locally grown” morality to share their profits with their employees. This approach is literally just a shameful way to pass the buck onto the customer. Whatever – the Shaw location has already been Virgentrified anyway.

  • Nicole

    The food at Glen’s is great, but it was already really pricey. I get that real, local food is more expensive, but I know that my coworkers who go to Glen’s several times a week have decided that it’s just too much now to justify paying $14 for a sandwich. They should think about how to make their sandwiches less expensive and include some with less ingredients for people who don’t want to pay that much.

    • NW_DC

      The sandwiches went up in price? I can’t afford Glen’s products but I do go there when I’m in the area for a sandwhich – I used to consider it a bargain when in search for a quick dinner. If sandwiches are $14, I’m going somewhere else.


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